Seek Harmony

The power of daily solitude

Seek harmony, see light.

Dance to the tune of life’s harmony and emerge in a new light.

Amongst the chaos of life, it can be difficult to find a sense of peace and tranquility. Honour thy honesty and harmony will breathe light.

Find a sense of peace through prayer, self-reflection and purpose.

For in the deepest of silence, our truth whispers like an inner thunder.

In moments of doubt, despair and dread, know that alone time, blended with quiet space, will induce a fresh sunlight into any dark day.

Keeping it moving all the time, might seem like a good idea but this may also lead to “messy movements”, which in turn, can create more damaging chaos.

After one’s silent time, we make the right moves and not before.

You owe yourself the power of daily solitude, silence and serenity.

Breathe in the light and emerge so much stronger.