Turning Dreams into Reality

Live Gig

I haven’t produced a blog post for over a week, it’s been so busy with my live Gig etc.. last week and my move to Dubai at the end of this month.

I just wanted to share with you one of my videos from my live Gig last Saturday in my home village of Carfin, 3 May 2014.  We had such a successful evening and the event was filled with lots of love and beautiful community spirit – it was so lovely to be part of.

The video that I share with you below is my original song, “I Am Here” which I created in May 2013 and I share with you, at the beginning of this video ,who it is dedicated to.

In under a year I turned my dreams into reality and I now hold those special memories of last Saturday’s Gig alive in my heart forever.

What would you like to be doing one year from now?……I encourage you to GO FOR IT!!

Happy Happy

walt disney

Going Live

So I woke up this morning very happy indeed because I am so very excited about my Singer-Songwriter Showcase that is happening this Saturday night.  We are expecting over 100 people on the night and it’s going to be a really great show.  We have been practising for weeks and weeks and this Saturday we will be putting all the preparation and practice to test – yes, we’re going live and it is very exciting indeed.

The event will have a real family/friendly feel to it and will be filled with joyous Community Spirit, that is what I want and what we have been aiming for!!  I’m going back to the Village of Carfin where I was brought up in as a child – a Village that has a very special place in my heart.

I will take lots of photos and share them with you on this Blog next week.

It’s quite funny because last year at this time I hadn’t even written one song and now I’m performing my own songs at my own Gig – it’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!!


What would you like your life to be like, one year from now?

It could all start here for you, maybe you were meant to read this blog post, maybe just maybe this blog post is for YOU, to get YOU started on fulfilling your own dreams and goals in life.  I’m doing it, why not YOU too. 🙂

Lots of love to you today, Clarabelle

Clarabelle logo

Countdown is On….

Clarabelle's Gig

Show Time

Well I woke up this morning feeling very happy and excited because it is only 11 days to “Show Time”.  Yes, Clarabelle’s first Singer-Songwriter Showcase is being held on Saturday, 3 May 2014 in my home Village of Carfin.  Some people are saying to me that I am very brave holding it in the Village I was brought up in, but you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am expecting about 100 people on the night and it aims to be a really great show.  So I know I have blog visitors from all around the world but if you happen to be in the vicinity please come along, I would really love to have you there.

How amazing things can turn around if you are passionate enough about them.  Last year at this time I hadn’t even written my first song and now I have written 25 original songs, produced my first EP, Hearts Apart and have my single Runaway Love released on iTunes and Amazon and I am doing two live Singer-Songwriter Showcases in May – lots of hard work and effort but it’s been worth it.

Let’s do this, let’s get this show on the road……hopefully one day I can come to your home Village and perform, I would really love that.

Your dreams are for the taking, your dreams are for the making – go get them!!

Love to you Clarabelle

Yes You Can

Clarabelle's Gig

YOU are invited to Clarabelle’s Music Events on Saturday, 3rd May 2014 and Saturday, 24th May 2014.  So if you’re going to be in the surrounding area that evening, please pop along, it’s going to be a really great night.
For all you lovely people who cannot make it because you are at the other end of the world, don’t you worry because I will be posting photos and some video recordings from the evening and you never know, maybe I’ll be coming to your home town in the future, I would LOVE that.

Clarabelle's Gig



True Story – Making It Happen

Clarabelle Photo Shoot

True Story

I want to tell you a true story of how you can achieve whatever you want to achieve if you really put your mind to it – even if you have no experience at all in that field of interest.

The Beginning of Clarabelle Music

In March 2013 I purchased myself a second-hand keyboard because I wanted to create some instrumental music.  I couldn’t play the keyboard at the time but I wanted to learn – teach myself.  I created about nine instrumentals within about a two week period – I couldn’t read music, I just wrote numbers on the keys with pencil and “felt the music” and I also just memorised the keys I was playing.

Clarabelle's Keyboard
Clarabelle’s Keyboard

I wanted to transfer each musical piece onto my laptop but I didn’t have the right connecting cables.  So I went into a shop in Glasgow City Centre, RS Sound & Light and got chatting to the owner of the shop, Tony.  Tony was a very warm and inviting man and he sold me the cables I needed.  Whilst chatting to Tony he asked me why I wanted the cables and I told him I was going to be making up my own songs – I said to him “eventually I will have my own CD Album”.  Tony said that this was great and that when the CD Album is ready, to bring it into him and he would play it in his shop and also pass the CD onto other DJs he knew so they would also play it for me.

RS Sound & Light
Tony’s Shop in Glasgow
So Inspiring

This was so inspiring for me because although I had very little music experience (practically none), Tony didn’t disregard my idea and aspirations – he encouraged and supported me with it.  That was it, I was on a mission……..a passionate, exciting, true to myself mission of giving Tony my CD Album – I could see that vision, I could feel it and I believed it.

At this point I hadn’t written any songs……but here’s what happened.

From May 2013 to September 2013 I wrote 25 songs…..from the heart, including the melodies.  Between October to December I chose four of my favourite songs which I had only recorded acapella style on Youtube and hired musicians in Ireland (Denis Kilty), Canada (Gary Stitt) and New York (Shako) to create a simple piano and guitar backing track based on my melodies.  In January 2014, I went to the Professional Recording Studio, Reeltime Music and recorded my very first EP, Hearts Apart, which contains these original four songs – I had never been to a recording studio before either!!

Clarabelle Heart's Apart

Across The Globe

Two weeks later I had released my first single, “Runaway Love” on iTunes and other music platforms across the globe and one month after that I was holding my newly created CD Album in my hands – I cried….my tears were of joy, love and pride in what I had accomplished.  One of the first things I thought of was, I can give Tony my CD now.

Runaway Love, Clarabelle

Tony Helped Me

Almost exactly a year later to the date when I first went into Tony’s shop, I very proudly handed him a copy of my CD Album and also a copy for his daughter.  Prior to that, Tony had also helped me choose my first PA system and is also supporting me as Professional Compere for my first ever public Gig on 3rd May this year in my home village of Carfin…….how exciting.

EP HJearts Apart by Clarabelle

So Grateful

I am so grateful for all the help from Tony at RS Sound & Light in Glasgow City Centre and everyone else who has been involved in helping me achieve what I have achieved so far…..I certainly could not have done it without them.  A massive thank you also goes out to my best friend Donna Marie Dick who has been amazing in helping me co-ordinate my first two live Gigs in May – she truly is a shining star.

Carrick Spa, Loch Lomond
Donna (L) and Clarabelle

Special thanks also goes out to my wonderful photographer who took some amazing shots of me for my music portfolio (he’s still a bit shy, so doesn’t want me to mention his name yet).  There are lots of people I need to thank personally and I will…..not sure if they all want to be mentioned here on this blog, so I will protect their identity for the moment, but I know they know I am so grateful for their contribution.

Clarabelle Photo Shoot

So Blessed

So there you have it, that’s a short summary of the truth from my musical journey, how amazing is that, I feel so blessed for everything.

I want YOU to believe in YOU, believe in your DREAMS, believe YOU can make them happen and have faith that the right people will cross your path to help you.

I had many barriers in the way…….far to many to mention but when I look at how far I have come I can only ever feel very VERY happy.

I wish you forever happiness, I truly do.  Thank you for being here.

Lots of love Clarabelle

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Inspired Action

When the heart is happy

Inspired Action

I remember when I first heard this quote below, from Dr. Wayne Dyer – it really touched my soul.  I thought I would share it with you today and hopefully it will ring some truth for you and connect with you in a special way to take inspired action.

“Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. Listen to that inner voice, and don’t get to the end of your life and say, ‘What if my whole life has been wrong?”
– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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Follow Your Heart

Clarabelle Heart's Apart

I am delighted to share that I posted some of my CDs to different places all over the world this week, here is where my EP, Hearts Apart went to:

  • Mexico
  • India
  • London
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • America
  • Germany

Heart, Mind and Soul

It’s so wonderful that I created something from my heart, mind and soul that I can now send to people anywhere in the world.  Isn’t this just wonderful because last year at this time I had no idea I would be doing this, it just evolved from this blog by doing poetry and then buying a second hand keyboard.  I was also inspired by some other people along the way, people that were already singing and just doing what they love and putting themselves out there.  This journey truly is a dream come true and who knows where it will lead to, but all I know is that I am following my heart by doing this and I hope that it touches other peoples’ hearts along the way.

Back to My Roots

I am so looking forward to performing at my two live Gigs in May this year in Scotland…..I will be singing my original songs in a local venue in the little Village of Carfin, where I was brought up as a child…..isn’t it funny, I’m going back to my roots…..it’s like I’ve come full circle.

Follow your heart……what does that truly mean for you?

Wishing you a very beautiful day today,

Lots of love, Clarabelle

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Ask and It Is Given

Clarabelle Photo Shoot


As you know I am putting my heart and soul into becoming a successful Singer-Songwriter and I guess the Universe is giving me what I am asking for.

Late on Friday afternoon I was asked to perform two of my original songs at an event that was taking place that evening.  It was very short notice but I just had to do it because I need the performance experience and I really need to get myself out there.  So I packed up my PA System and went along myself, only knowing 2 people in the room to start with, but by the end, knowing a lot more.

I sang my original song, “In Time We Heal” in the first half of the programme and sang my original song, “You Are” in the second half of the programme.  I received lovely feedback, especially for the second performance –  I am sure this was better because I felt more relaxed by then.

The main thing is, is that I said “yes” to this opportunity even though I felt a little unprepared but I know I had to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I was asking for performance experience only the night before….and I guess the Universe answered and certainly put my asking to the test.

Opportunities are everywhere in life and you know, you’ve just got to go for it…..I did on Friday night and although I was nervous, I am so glad I did it and I gained so much confidence from the experience.

Onwards and upwards my friends!!

Life is for the taking, take the opportunities when you can and when you can’t get them……create them.

It’s your life, GO GET IT!!

Lots of love, Clarabelle.

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Dreams Can Come True

Clarabelle Heart's Apart

Happy Tear

I held it in my hands yesterday and I shed a wee happy tear…….what did I hold?  I held my CD, my EP, Hearts Apart which contains 4 of my original songs.  I feel very proud and emotional at the same time….has it been easy, “No” but it was worth it!!  That feeling I felt yesterday was one of the best feelings ever….the realisation that you can really make your dreams come true if you have a enough passion, faith, heart, self-belief, determination, focus and self-discipline to do so.  Sometimes you have to make real sacrifices to get hold of your dreams and you have to rearrange your life a little bit or a lot in order to get there.  I’ve kept my “eye on the ball” with this one and I’m not letting go now.  Yes there will be more tough challenges ahead, I know this, but I am strong and I am getting stronger everyday.

The Roots

I focused on the roots of this dream, the roots being “me” and my mind.  I took control of my own mind……I didn’t let it waiver and when it tried to, well I had a motivational process in place to deal with that.  Things aren’t perfect for me right now and I’m not really sure they are for anybody in this world but I can honestly say that the very gradual transition from Professional Executive Coach to successful Singer-Songwriter has overall been a happy occasion for me.

So Grateful

“The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best, therefore it tends to become the best.”  (Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich)

I think one thing that has really helped me stay grounded and joyous in the moment, is the daily gratitude I have for everything in my life.  I am honestly so grateful for everything I have……thank YOU love and thank YOU life.  I would also like to say a massive thank you to YOU for being here and joining me on this journey…..I want YOU to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of in life….I want you to be so happy too.

Wishing you a very beautiful day today….go in the direction of your dreams but focus on the roots and the best fruits will grow.  Love Clarabelle.

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Day 17 of Clarabelle’s 90 Day Challenge

Progress Update

EP HJearts Apart by Clarabelle

On the 7th of February this year I decided to set myself a 90 Day Challenge to move forward with my Singing-Songwriting Career as successfully and as much as possible.  I was basically taking things up a gear and putting more effort and energy into the career transition process.  I honestly cannot believe how quickly times goes by and that I am now on Day 17 of the Clarabelle 90 Day Challenge.  Below is a list of some of the things I have achieved over the last 17 days:

  • My first EP, Hearts Apart will be available in CD format next week. I have been working closely with the photographers, designers, printers and recording studios to pull all this one together and I am so excited to have my first CD in my hands next week.
  • I have committed myself to organise and perform at 2 Live Gigs in the Village of Carfin where I was brought up in.  The 2 Live Gigs dates are Saturday, 3 May and Saturday, 24 May 2014 and the theme of the evening is very motivational, “Yes You Can” named after one of my original songs.  I have been co-ordinating a team of people to help me with this and organising Support Acts etc.. for the evening, it is all very exciting indeed.
  • I have been working on the content and the production of a Clarabelle Music App which is now available free for you to download, here is the link if you wish to download it: http://clarabellemusic.mobapp.at/landing/Desktop#.Uwo6EmJ_uSo
  • I have committed myself to weekly rehearsals for my Live Gigs, these are rehearsals OUT of my home, on stage where I can polish my performances and practice as much as possible.  I am still practising daily at home but feel I needed to get out of the house and get on stage, so I am doing that.
  • I have also been contacting well known Motivational Speakers to find out if there are any opportunities for me to sing my original motivational songs at one of their live events.  I feel their audience is a perfect audience for my inspirational songs, such as “Yes You Can”, “I Am The Greatest”, “In Time We Heal” and “Mr Inspirational” etc…
  • I have always been into my fitness and if you are a regular follower/visitor of this Clarabelle blog you will know I am a keen marathoner…Well, I have been getting down the gym more often and really “going for it“, I need lots of energy to perform on stage for 2 hours non-stop and I need to look AMAZING in my super sparkly dress….so this is another focus I have, together with my healthier eating.
  • I have been updating my Clarabelle Facebook page on a daily basis with all my progress and tried to get other people involved in doing a 90 Day Challenge for themselves.  There are a few people on board which is really great and I am so delighted for them.  Here is a link to my Clarabelle Facebook page if you wish to stay updated with my progress on a daily basis:  https://www.facebook.com/clarabelle.org
  • As you will see I have also been working on improving the look of this Clarabelle Blog and I have changed the layout to fit more with showcasing my original music and poetry.  I have also added in some more professional photos from my photo shoot which took pace in Glasgow City Centre last month…..more to follow soon!!
  • I continue to listen to Motivational speakers every day, as I know I need to keep a strong, positive mind and stay super focused on the goal in hand. I usually listen to a couple of hours each day, this really does keep my mind staying really positive and strong.  I get a lot of positive feedback on my music and poetry, thank YOU, but some times I don’t and I can read some really tough criticism, so the stronger my mind is, the better I can handle this challenging feedback.  I do my best to turn this negative feedback into a positive and use it to improve what I’m doing.
  • I continue with my daily gratitude exercises, as shared in the eBook I wrote, It’s All About Gratitude.  I set up a Gratitude Facebook page so I could share the wisdom and learning from this eBook with others.  If you wish to check it out, here is the facebook link for, “It’s All About Gratitude” Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/itsallaboutgratitude
  • I have also been working with designers to create a new Clarabelle T-Shirt design.  I think the designer did an amazing job, see photo below.  What do you think?Clarabelle t-shirt design

Loving This

So, there you have it, that’s a very brief update on my progress so far over the last 17 Days and I must say I am loving this 90 Day Challenge I set myself, it really is helping me to stay super focused and “on the ball”.  I know I am entering a very tough industry….well, so everyone keeps telling me, but I must stayed focused on my goal in hand…..let’s see how far I get…..this transition is not a sprint it’s a marathon and well after running 3, I think I have the right attitude and stamina to go all the way.  What do you think?

Thank you, as always, for being here and for your continued love and support, I really am truly grateful for it and I do really mean that sincerely.  Thank YOU, Love Clarabelle

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Happiness Journey

Clarabelle t-shirt design

This Dream…..

This dream, this passion of mine, to become a successful Singer-Songwriter is ALWAYS on my mind. Every minute of the day, every moment, every opportunity…….it’s there, all of the time and only stops when I sleep and even that is questionable!!  🙂 I feel enthusiastic, motivated, energised, determined and fulfilled on this journey.  This is my happiness journey and I feel it building great momentum and positive energy as times goes on.


Today, I have booked out my first rehearsal hall where I will polish my performance, practice my singing and become familiarised with the Big Stage and I am SO EXCITED!!  I feels things are coming together and people seem to be popping out of nowhere to give a helping hand and move me forward on my journey.  So a massive thank YOU goes out to YOU for all your continued support and everyone who is helping me along the way – it has not gone unnoticed.  🙂

Funny 🙂

The funny thing is, if someone had told be 2 years ago that I would be doing this, I would have never believed them in a million years.  So it just goes to show, that true dreams can evolve when you least expect it and it’s that passion and desire that keeps me going.  I feel really happy when I sing, I feel connected to who I am and IT IS ME!!

Let Go

Let go of trying to find your dream because as soon as you do that…….it will come right at you.  I guess my dream was sleeping inside of me for 30 years and once I awakened, then my dream took a new lease of life.

Thank you for being here and I wish you a truly fulfilling day today.

My heart sings for YOU, love Clarabelle.

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Clarabelle Music App


Clarabelle Music App

I am one full week into my Clarabelle 90 Day Challenge and I am delighted to share with you today that my Clarabelle Music App has officially gone “live” today.  The App is free to download and it is automatically linked to my blog, facebook, twitter and YouTube accounts, so you can get all the latest up-to-date information as and when I post.  Here is the link to the Clarabelle Music App, if you wish to download it for free:

Clarabelle Music App

Thank you as always for being here and for your full support and encouragement, I do love you for it.

Wishing you a beautiful day today, full of love and smiles.  Clarabelle

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Keep Your Dreams Alive

Yes You Can

Yesterday I was doing some singing practice at home and I video recorded the NEW version of my original song, “Yes You Can” for you.  This motivational song with empowering lyrics has a “Country Music” vibe to it and this song will be on my second EP entitled, “You Can Do It”.  Below is a YouTube video of me singing the song yesterday and here is a taster of the lyrics for you:

“Keep your dreams alive, for they are so special,
Let your happy spirit thrive, have strength and be strong.
This is where your heart belongs.  Yes You Can…..”

Wishing you a “Yes You Can” Day, lots of love, Clarabelle

Gig Highlights


Clarabelle’s First Home Gig

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you will be aware that I did my very first home Gig last Friday night and I wanted to share with you a very short summary video from the evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope you can see that from the video.  I’m moving forward step by step, taking myself out of my comfort zone and embracing the growth and change.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement, I am absolutely over the moon that you are here.  Thank YOU.  Lots of love, Clarabelle

In Time We Heal

Lyric Video

I am delighted to share with you today, the lyric video that I got created for my original song, “In Time We Heal”.  The song is about overcoming tough times in life and I hope you like the song and the video.  May today be your breakthrough day.  Lots of love, Clarabelle.

Tonight’s the Night


First Ever Gig

Well tonight’s the night that I do my first ever Gig and I’m really excited.  This one tonight is just a private Gig for close family and it will be really good to have a very encouraging and supportive crowd first time round.  Lots of planning, practice and preparation goes into even such a small Gig like this, but at least it will prepare me for when I hit the BIG TIME!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Tonight’s Gig will be recorded on video and I will share some of it on here in the near future, so please look out for it.

Below is a wee poem I have just created about tonight, I hope you like it.  Thank you for being here, love Clarabelle

Tonight’s the Night

All the planning,
all the prep.
Another song,
another rep.
Exciting times,
passionate heart.
Dreams taking shape,
and this is one part.
I thank you all,
for being here,
By my side,
I love you dear.
So as the curtain falls,
I smile from within,
My destiny has awakened,
it’s a musical win.

by Clarabelle, 31 January 2014

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Runaway Love

Clarabelle Music Update

I’ve been working with some wonderful Artists to help me develop my original music and help me to “get it out there”.  Below is a video that has just been created for me, for my original song, “Runaway Love”.  Thank you to Calvin West www.calvinwest.co.uk for creating this for me, you did a great job.  Now you have the lyrics, you can sing along too.  I hope you like it. Much love to you today and always and please feel free share with your friends. Thank you.  Clarabelle

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Clarabelle Music – Runaway Love

EP, Hearts Apart

I have been in the Professional Recording Studio this week (Reeltime Music Studios) recording my very first ever EP, entitled “Hearts Apart”.

Runaway Love

Below is  a Youtube video of track 4 from this EP “Runaway Love” which was released yesterday (09.01.14) from this EP.  I am singing on the track and Denis Kilty, www.deniskilty.com arranged and played the piano backing track.

I know I have still got a long, huge, MASSIVE way to go but hey I only started doing this in May 2013 so I am definitely pleased with my progress.  There is still lots to do in terms of promotion, vocal coaching, practising, performing, gigs, Album covers, websites, professional photographs, videos etc etc etc however why wait, let’s get my music out to the Universe, I’ve just go to go for it.  If I wait for perfection then no one would hear anything!!  I like to think that “there is perfection in the imperfections”.

What is the Song About?

Runaway Love is a highly emotional love song about the emotional pain of being in love whilst having the sense of being “played” but you still love that person and the memory of that love is still in your heart.

All my songs are based on my own personal experiences or experiences of people very close to me so I am sure the words will ring true for some people listening.

Here is the Youtube Link Below for Runaway Love:

If you would like to purchase instantly a mp3 file of the track, Runaway Love, then please click HERE.

Thank you and please let me know what you think of the track.

Clarabelle Music, Copyright 2013-14

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Music with Heart – EP, “Hearts Apart”

Music Recordings
Clarabelle Practising for the Professional Recording Studio

Professional Recording Studio

I am delighted to share with you that yesterday I experienced my very first professional recording of my original songs.  I am making my first ever music EP, entitled “Hearts Apart” and I am so excited.  A big shout out to Chris, Professional Sound Engineer from Reeltime Music Studios who was an absolute gem and totally made me feel at ease. Was I nervous?  “Yes” a little bit, but I think more excited than nervous because this just feels right to me.  I will be the first to say that I am very inexperienced in the Music Industry and I know I have a huge learning curve ahead of me but the great thing is I am not holding myself back, I am just facing my fears and going for it!!  I know that if I stay in my comfort zone here, I will never grow so I have to get comfortable feeling “uncomfortable”.  Basically as a Professional Coach, I am practicing what I preach….quite literally!!

EP, “Hearts Apart”

The EP will consist of four songs, I did take up six to record but two could not be used at this moment in time because one of the songs I am finding it difficult to master, so much more practice needed there and the other song needs a better quality backing track.  So the songs on the EP are:

1.  In Time We Heal

2.  I Am Here

3.  You Are

4.  Runaway Love

What are the songs about?

All the songs are love ballads with a very highly emotional attachment to me.  I speak my heart’s truth and cry out my soul in these songs because they are all based on my own experiences or experiences of people very close to me.  There is nothing hidden away in these songs, my deepest heart’s secrets are shared because they are true and very personal to me.  I like to call them “beautiful songs” because I feel that is what they really are.

In Time We Heal:
An emotional song about a broken relationship and overcoming tough times.

I Am Here:  
A highly emotional song about missing a loved one (my Dad in heaven).

You Are:  
This is an emotional love song about loving someone who doesn’t love you back but you still have that person on a pedestal.  Emotions are torn between loving and letting go.

Runaway Love:
This is an emotional love song about the emotional pain of being in love and the feeling of being “played” but you still love that person and the memory of that love is still in your heart.

Master CD

I am so excited to share the finished article with you, I should receive the master CD in a couple of days and then I’ll get to work with unleashing my songs into the Universe.

I loving this creative journey and I feel, “this is my time”.

Thank you, as always, for being here, there is a lot of love here for you.

Wishing you a beautiful day on your journey of life.


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