Mr Bee

Springtime Poetry

Here’s a springtime poem for you, enjoy the beauty of nature around you.  Happy weekend, love Clarabelle.

Mr Bee Poem

Mr Bee
The bee flies into my window,
Not sure what he doesn’t see.
He’s trying to get in,
And I’m getting out of me.
If only this little bee,
Knew how lucky he was.
He’d be buzzing about the flowers,
Not putting his life on pause.
Oh little bee, stay away from this box,
Spend time making honey, under the rocks.
Springtime is here, it’s waiting for you,
Mr Bee, I’ll come out and join you too.
By Clarabelle, 4 April 2014

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Beauty is everywhere….


I was visiting my mum yesterday and I just had to take this stunning photograph for you of the sun setting in the sky in my hometown village of Carfin.

This is the sky view I used to look up at as a child in the summer time and dream of exciting adventures way far in the distance.  The beauty of the sky can really take my breath away at times, just like this very moment yesterday.    May you find much beauty in the magical moments of your day today.  Love Clarabelle

Clarabelle Quotes, Beauty is everywhere

Photo and Quote by Clarabelle 🙂


Sunshine Happy

The sun has come out from behind the clouds and I am smiling.  It inspires images of fun summer holidays and bubblegum dreams.  Even if the sun is not shining where you are today, believe that it is glowing within your heart.  This next poem is all about that.


Sweet sweet sunshine, oh how I love thee

Vitamins for the mind, you ignite energy in me

Fresh air thinking, soft breeze through the trees

Warm glow inside, my heart, you do please

Sand between my toes, surfers on the beach

Children making sandcastles, fruity like a peach

Lost in the laughter, carried out to sea

The yachts on the ocean, are mesmerising me

Kites flying high, imagination free

Dreams are made of this, I’m sunshine happy

poemsbyclarabelle, 5 May 2012

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