On this journey of life….

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Poetic reflections on the journey of life…..

On This Journey of Life

On this journey of life,
there are twists and turns.
Happy moments,
as the candle burns.
The sweetest temptation,
and all that’s good.
Sunshine and sunsets,
and delicious food.
On this journey of life,
there is also some sad.
Lots of good,
can turn to bad.
Tears may fall,
on sleepless nights.
Friends disagree,
and there’s family fights.
On this journey of life,
you get one shot.
You live it your way,
or give away a lot.
You can be kind.
and share your heart.
Love may last forever,
or tear apart.
On this journey of life,
I want you to know.
I want you to shine,
and abundantly grow.
I want you to be,
all that you can.
That strong Superwoman,
or courageous Superman.

By Clarabelle, 21 April 2014

10,000 Blog Hits – Thank YOU

Clarabelle blog hits

Today I am celebrating 10,000 blog hits and I am super excited and abundantly happy about this.

I want to truly thank YOU for making this happen, you have visited my blog on a daily basis and you have inspired and encouraged me to keep going.

I truly feel that this blog is part of my life now, I just absolutely love it and I really do hope it shows and that it offers you some real value when you visit.

I started this Clarabelle Blog on 20 April 2012, it was unplanned, something came over me that day and I just acted on what I was feeling and I now know I was so right for doing that.  I remember that moment very clearly because I was super excited to get it going and my first blog post was a poem I created called “Superhero” about a friend of mine.

I have developed and grown with this blog and it will continue to evolve as my career transition to Singer/Songwriter takes shape.  I do hope you stick around for the long term, because I really do love it when you visit and I love reading your comments, I always make a point to respond to every comment on this blog.

Thank you my friends, thank you from the core of my heart, you contribute so much to my happy spirit…..long may it continue.

Lots of love and gratitude goes out to you today,  a very happy Clarabelle

Happy Clarabelle
A Very Happy Clarabelle



I was inspired to write the following poem after spending some time with a new friend in my life, his spirit was very refreshing and his soul was very honest and true.  I sensed he was coming from a good place and it was that real connection with him that led me to write ‘Superhero’.


Here comes the superhero into the night

Flying around, so wonderful and bright

There is magic in his eyes, I see he is brave

A courageous manner, towards all he will save

His strength is not obvious, it comes from within

A growing heart, that’s looking for its twin

Softly spoken, comes out these wise words

Turning my mind, like humming birds

Shall I ask him the question, that I want to know

How he picks up my spirits, when I’m feeling low

There is a connection, that the eyes cannot see

Although it’s invisible, it’s as strong as can be

You go for your dreams, it may take a while

But when you get there, there’s this everlasting smile

And when I look back, it’s easy to forget

How you changed me for the better, from the moment we first met

Thank you superhero, an inspiration you are

I’m under your wing, let’s travel afar.

poemsbyclarabelle, 1 March 2012

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