You Can Do It

you can do it poem

You Can Do It

Stuck in life,
with nowhere to go,
more downs than ups,
just feeling low.
It’s tough to change,
this situation around,
to find inner strength,
to lift yourself from the ground.
But you can do it,
just make the choice
to depart from the old,
listen to your voice.
The world is open,
to your magic within,
take the first step,
I know you can win.
I want to see,
a smile on your face,
to light up the room,
with your warm embrace.
Give yourself time,
and make a plan,
keep a positive attitude,
and stick with “I can”.
True support and encouragement,
from loved ones is there,
make this moment count,
face your fears, if you dare.
There is always a way,
don’t give up the fight,
I believe in you,
it’s all going to be alright.