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Take it easy today, here is one of my beautiful Piano Instrumentals to start your day, relax, enjoy and be happy in this moment now.  Thank you for listening – “I Am Here”, remember that too.  Clarabelle.

I Am Here, Piano Instrumental

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I know a lot of you regular visitors to this blog have joined me on my musical journey and I am very very grateful to you for that.  It is with great pleasure that I share with you the release of my first musical piece:  Piano Instrumental, for my original song “I Am Here”, arranged and played by Denis Kilty, http://www.deniskilty.com

Here is a complimentary 30 second sample of the piano instrumental for you to listen to:


This is such a very beautiful musical piece and if you would like to purchase it, you can do so now by clicking on the link below.  The track costs one single payment price of £0.99 and you will be taken to a secure payment page on Gumroad where you will receive your instant download in mp3 format.


I have been working with some amazing Artists from all over the world and I am so excited to share my first Music Album with you, “The Becoming of Me”, which will be released in early 2014.

Watch this space my beautiful friends, the sound of my heart is coming to you.

Thank you with all my heart.

Love Clarabelle

Happiness is the Way

I was walking home from my mum’s house the other day (17.09.12) and I found myself really embracing the moment, it was so beautiful and everything just felt perfect.  A phrase popped into my head at that time, “the piano in my heart” and I just knew I had to write a poem about it.  So here it is.  Happy New Year to YOU…..Happiness is the Way!!  Lots of love Clarabelle

happiness is the way

Happiness is the Way

The piano in my heart, plays for you,

The sweetest musical notes, so whole and true.

The solitude of love, needs no home,

On this journey of life, wherever I do roam.

Happiness is the key, happiness is the way,

The polished ivory effect, shines today.

Listen in the silence, it whispers in the breeze,

Sparkling in the moonlight, stardust on the trees.

The voice within my soul, sings without a cue,

Touching my spirit, connecting with every part of you.

poemsbyclarabelle, 19 September 2012

Listen to the Poemcast for this blog post by clicking on the link below:

PBC Poemcast 1 – Happiness is the Way

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