Motivation Animation

Motivation Animation in poetic verse, especially created for you. Please click on the YouTube links below to access these videos.  Enjoy the journey each poem takes you on. Clarabelle

To Cheer You Up 

You’re Never Alone

You Can Achieve

Take a Break

Life Your Head High

Let Life In

Let Fun In

Believe in You

Journey of Hope

Go For It

Feel Happy

Be Your Number 1 Fan

Be True To Yourself

Motivational Speech, Who Are You?

You Can Do It

Stay Strong


28 thoughts on “Animation

      1. claire i have another blog called I am the pompey poet

        theres a couple of pieces on there the second one is a song ive written this year since i started writing again sorry dont have a backing track love to know what you think of it


  1. One click and I see a beautiful poet-
    The clarity of your lines
    The tranquility they flow
    Are just too amazing ….. Thank you for the click I sure visit here again ….
    Lovely poetry and hearing Scottish accent 😀 which I really miss!


    1. Thank you Sahm, I really really loved doing this, I would totally recommend it, a lot of my Vision Wall has come true for me now, I must actually do a blog post about that. Thank you for dropping by my blog and reading my post. Clarabelle


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