Castaway Troubles

“remember your strength….”

“My love for writing to you, brings us so much closer together.” Clarabelle

Castaway troubles
live in the light
beauty is being
sunny and bright.

Now is your chance
to forgive and move on
your rainbow of love
awakens a new dawn.

When midnight calls
and dark skies appear
remember your strength
why you are here.

Your future is glowing
shining from your heart
tomorrow brings treasures
but today you must start.

By Clarabelle
15 October 2021
London, UK

Embracing the Moon

“Miracles sweep, under our feet….”

I made this one for YOU, right now, in the moment, all for YOU my dearest friend….


Twists and turns
give us time
all these tests
are truly divine.

Lovers in love
hope and glory
where are we now
in this magical story.

Miracles sweep
under our feet
thoughts of magic
overpower defeat.

Let’s make it happen
let’s make it right
goodbye ghosts of past
hello angels of light.

To you my dearest
we are in tune
dancing on earth
embracing the moon.

By Clarabelle
13 October 2021

Life As We Know It

“A time to listen,
a time to reflect,
nothing is real,
nothing perfect.”

I wrote this for you today, in the moment and captivated by the feeling….


Across the seas,
I feel your smile,
heaven opens,
the rainbow mile.

A time to listen,
a time to reflect,
nothing is real,
nothing perfect.

Life as we know it,
will pass you by,
tick tock goes the clock,
no reasons why.

So cherish the good days,
embrace the rain,
it’s in moments like these,
we castaway pain.

Today just savour,
the clouds moving slow,
to your dreams in your heart,
let that love glow.

by CLARABELLE 05.10.21 (London, UK)

Comeback Clara!

Life has shown me the scenic route of EVERYTHING and what an experience it has been.


Well it’s been over 4 years since I wrote to you from this Clarabelle Blog.

It’s been a long time coming and eventually I made it back to you or would that be back to ME.

Life has shown me the scenic route of EVERYTHING and what an experience it has been.

I feel this comeback will be the BEST EVER!

I started this blog over 10 years ago and so much has happened in between.

I am excited to share the most empowering articles with you going forward.

The CLARABELLE BRAND is thriving good and well but I have truly missed writing these blog posts.

Thank you for being here and I hope you will continue to join the journey with me. I aim for it to be as real and as inspiring as possible.

See you soon – very soon!


Stay in Doing Mode

you will do it

Stay in Doing Mode

I read a lot, actually I read a huge amount of self-development books and I really do love them and I do get a lot from them BUT for me, where I get my GREATEST SUCCESS is when I stay in “DOING” mode, that’s me and that’s the way I like it.

I’m at my best when I am in action woman role, so this is where I’ll stay for a while.  The positives are outstanding for me and the ripple effects get me amazing results.

So I ask you today to focus on “doing” more of what will get you better results in your life for the long term, throw in some quick wins and you’re on your way.

Progress will motivate your “doing” mind – keep at it, keep the momentum going and don’t you stop until you get there….but please make sure you know where “there” is – that’s a very important part.

It’s your life, go get it!!



Moving Fast and Thinking Slow

Moving Fast and Thinking Slow

moving fast thinking slow

Moving Fast

I’m all for getting things done, moving forward and heading in the right direction, that’s the kind of action mode I like being in – fast, fast, fast!

Thinking Slow

However, when it comes to thinking time and planning time, that’s where the pace has to slow down. You won’t achieve any quick wins in life by rushing your thinking and creating a super fast plan. Effective plans need space, they need time to formulate and they need an intelligent formula shaped from your thinking, in order to achieve the right results.

In a Rush?

So next time you’re in a rush to get things done ever so quickly, make sure this fast moving comes after the slow making plan…..this is how to get what you want……period!

It’s your life, go get it!



Catch the Crazy Curve Ball

catch the curveball

Catch the Crazy Curve Ball

Here’s it’s coming, I can see it, hurtling like a shooting star through the midnight sky – whoosh!! Go on…..catch it, catch the crazy curve ball….

Are you ready to take on the challenge of catching the crazy curve ball of life? This thing’s fast, furious and forever fetching.

Keep your eye on the ball – watch it, will it towards you and weather the storms that try to shake your stance.

Visualise yourself, everyday catching the crazy curve ball, I know you’ve got this one, I know you’re strong, brave and full of determination.

There is no crazy curve ball out there, that’s gonna take you down.

Let’s smash this one, catch the crazy curve ball!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Second Chances and Life Advances

be brave

Second Chances and Life Advances

Grab yourself a second chance in life, take it, run with it and celebrate it, for second chances and life advances don’t come around very often – do you hear me?

Second chances and life advances.…you’ve got this!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Powerful Language

Use only powerful language today!!


clarabelle-cartoon-character.pngMiss Positivity

What does using positive language mean to you?  It’s a good thing, right?  Of course from Miss Positivity here there was only ever going to be one answer to that!!

I am a very positive person, I always look for the best in people, I can easily see other peoples’ strengths and talents shining through, I guess that is because that is where my focus is.


I was doing some deeper research recently on how to overcome procrastination and I came across something which I feel may have much more impact that just using positive language.

Imagine, just for one day only, you switched from using your usual positive language to more powerful language.  YES, I mean think about this, positive IS really good, yet I feel sometimes only scratches the surface.  When I use POWERFUL language, for me it is much more impactful, inspiring and motivating…

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Catch Me If You Can

catch me if you can

Catch Me If You Can

When I speak of this phrase I don’t mean the movie title, I mean keep up with the action and continue to commit to moving forward with that thing that you want to achieve.  Move fast, be fearless and stay focused towards living out the dream – it’s the only way.

“Catch Me If You Can”, I hear you saying.  Embrace this feeling, for time goes so quickly and never regret your previous paths, in time you’ll see that they were meant to happen.

It’s your life duty and it’s the only way!!

Keep with it,




Go with your Gut

go with your gut

Go with your Gut

You’ve checked the pros and cons, you’ve overthought the decision, you’ve assessed the situation and you’ve mapped out different outcomes…..but what it really all boils down to is – what is your gut really saying?  

No matter how much you over analyse a situation and deliberate over an important decision, nothing will give you the absolute satisfaction of that “going with your gut” feeling.

Your intuition already knows what the answer is and you’re over analysing is creating an unnecessary battle.  Surrender to your heart and go with your gut!!

This one’s for you, do it today.

It’s your life, go get it!!



The Knock On Effect

the domino effect

The Knock On Effect

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Who said this and what does this really mean?

This is a statement from Newtons Third Law, now I’m not going to go into the laws of physics today but I want to help you to think about this phrase in terms of what you put out to the world.

Do you put out good, positive, happy energy OR do you, more often than not, put out the opposite of this?

Think of the “domino effect” of putting out good energy, giving someone some words of encouragement – how will that make the person feel and how will that make you feel?  Great….right?

Now I want you to apply your positive energy in a good way in your everyday behaviours.  When you’re going about your business today, spread some goodness, give off some cheer, be happy and share happiness.

I want you to try it for one full day, go on try it today or tomorrow and I bet you that the “knock on” effect from these positive behaviours will return to you in abundance.

Practice this art of giving out positive energy and it will be returned to you in kind.

It’s your life, go get it!!





Road Blocked? What Road Block??


Road Blocked?

On our journey to success sometimes we get road blocked by certain circumstances and more often than not this all happens at the wrong time. You know, just when you’re getting on, just when you’re starting to see the light, then BOOM……where on earth did that come from?  HUGE, MASSIVE, ROAD BLOCK!!

So I had one of these road blocks today and although dealing with this situation wasn’t easy, there are a lot of positives that can be taken from this experience. You see we grow from the challenges we come up against, imagine if you were never ever challenged, what would you learn and how would you build your life into something greater than it already is?

So next time the dreaded road blocks come your way, welcome them with a big hello and embrace the abundance of learning all that will come from them.

Road Blocked? WHAT ROADBLOCK??

It’s Your Life, Go Get It!!


Crazy or Not?

make it happen

Crazy or Not?

On your inner quest to reach for something better, to build an amazing dream and to put all your efforts into “making it happen”.  In creeps the bold reality of the question “am I crazy or not?”.  I once read in a great whimsical book to expect these words to rise in the midst of it all because sometimes it feels so out of the norm to go against the grain when barriers keep on coming.

Cracking the Code

Wouldn’t it be easier and much more peaceful to head back to normality and do what everyone else is doing? Maybe yes, maybe no and maybe the first answer is the most sensible answer, but what if I’m almost there, what if I am so close to cracking the code that it would be super crazy to do just that? At times there seems to be more signs telling me to take the normal path, you know those deep set neural pathways that scream at your head enticing you back to what you’ve always done – that safe place – or even that extremely boring place. Then there’s the heart battle, the unexplainable feelings that pull you forward and urge you to bypass any sign that says “head straight back to here, that’s what you should be doing, who do you think you are?”.

Endless Goodness

Call it a battle, call it a neverending war of heart versus head.  So I decided, the passionate heart, the inner calling, the deepest faith in the darkest night is the only warrior that I will champion. Yes, I will bring the head along for it still has a lot to contribute but the heart of the matter is – this is where I belong and I am committed to the desire and the endless goodness it will bring to humanity.

Pursuing a Purpose

This is much bigger than me now, this is about pursuing a purpose that restores, reconnects and rebuilds inner strength in each and everyone one of us. This is the ultimate heart to heart story that creeps in there when no one’s looking – it’s my very own secret to you.

It’s your life, go get it!!




On This Christmas Morn

Missing you at Christmas


On This Christmas Morn

She looked out of the window,
on Christmas Day.
She remembered her past,
a time to pray.

For now she is older,
she is eighty three,
and sits alone,
there’s no “you and me”.

She had a love,
a husband that cared,
They loved Christmas,
everything was shared.

But he passed away,
10 years ago.
She remembers his smile,
and them dancing in the snow.

She isn’t sad,
she doesn’t feel lonely.
She is grateful for this life,
and her one and only.

She misses him much,
he’s always in her thoughts,
On Christmas morn,
He’d say “I love you lots”.

She awaits her carriage,
her wonderful son.
Who is so special,
he looks after his mum.

Today she is part of,
a family filled with joy.
With 4 happy grandchildren,
3 girls and a boy.

She loves them dearly,
they are her life.
A special Gran, a loving mother,
and in her heart a happy wife.

She tells them stories,
of times gone by.
She laughs with her grandchildren,
and enjoys a mince pie.

She feels amazing,
so precious and true,
To my hubby in heaven,
I will always love you.

Created by Clarabelle, first published on 5 December 2013

The Domino Effect

the domino effect, doing good

the domino effect

A Little or A Lot

Do a little bit of good today or even better, do a lot of good today.

When you do good, you feel good and this creates positive ripple effects from you to others -it’s like the domino effect!!

So today’s motto is:

Get in the mood to do some good.

It’s your life go get it!!



Serving Your Passion

you will do it

Serving Your Passion

When you serve your passion with a true heart you open the gateways for meaningful success to take place. What does this mean? It means that only you can create the magic for you, it all starts with you and your heart.

Get ready, get going, get doing to give more and more of you everyday. That’s your pathway to life fulfillment.

It’s your life, go get it!!





Dream the Dream

Dream the Dreamset goals

There are endless possibilities to changing your life….honestly!! Opportunities are everywhere but the main opportunity is within you.  This is your chance to dream the dream, get going with it and make it happen.

It’s all about to change but you have to start the process.

Dream the Dream.

It’s your life, go get it!!


To Start and To Finish

start finish

To Start and To Finish

What do you want to start and/or what do you want to finish?

Well, this is your calling, go for it, make a commitment to start that thing that you want to do and/or finish with those bad old habits.

You’re only one decision away from a different kind of life, remember that!!

It’s your life, go get it!!



Everything Starts…….

everything starts

Everything Starts……

Everything starts as a tiny seed….EVERYTHING!

You’ve got to nourish that seed, you’ve got to give it your love, your energy and your efforts every single day.  When you do this, that seed grows and blossoms like never before.  That seed is your greatest potential waiting to be discovered.

Nurture the seed, for it is where EVERYTHING STARTS!!

It’s Your Life, Go Get It!!


The Spirit of Desire

spirit desire

The Spirit of Desire

What is the Spirit of Desire?  What does it mean to you?

To me, the Spirit of Desire is the intangible breath of your heartbeat seeking an escape route through the depths of your soul.

What does that really mean?

It means, that the one thing you want, that thing that excites you every time you think about it, every time you envision the positive outcome in your mind……well, it’s that thing pulling you forward into achieving its manifestation for you.

The Spirit of Desire beats every moment of your life, it’s in every step that you take and in every thought you think. What’s your specific thing? What’s your Spirit of Desire?  I know you know it!!

Live it, breathe it, feel it, see it, believe it, do it, go get it!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Happy Days Are Here Again


Happy Days Are Here Again

“Happy Days” to you.

Happiness is in you, so no matter where you go, what you do and who you are with, happiness starts with you.

And the great the news is….that means, you can have happiness anytime.

Enjoy your happy days.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Fresh Air Thinking

fresh air thinking

Fresh Air Thinking

Go out into the fresh air and free your mind of all the noise, you know all that head stuff that gets in the way of you progressing.

Fresh air thinking brings you clarity, renewed focus and more control of what’s going on.  Get out of your box, go for a walk, run or drive and breathe in the stillness.

Give your body and mind the break it deserves, you’ll return focused and back on track to pick up where you left off, but only this time, you’ll be in a better head space.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Are You Happy?


Are You Happy?

Are you happy right now….well, are you? Maybe you don’t feel like answering that question because then you have to deal with the reality of it if it’s not answered with a big fat “yes”.

The search for happiness doesn’t always come easy and very sadly, for some people it will not come at all, not because they can’t have happiness but probably, more often than not, it’s because they won’t allow themselves to be happy.

Make a choice today to be grateful for the little things in life, things like, having warm clothes to wear on a cold winter’s day, being able to access running water at the turn of a tap, having a roof over your head, being able to watch the sunrise and to smell the summer flowers.  Some people call these the simple pleasures of life but I like to think of them as the miracle pleasures that we experience almost everyday and sometimes never give them a second thought.

Today, give them a second thought and a third thought and so on because that my friend will help you see the answer to that initial question for what it truly is. So, I’ll ask you again, are you happy right now….well, are you?

It’s your life, go get it!!


What’s Next?


What’s Next?

What’s next for your life, have you really thought about that one today?  If things are getting way too boring and comfortable for you, well it’s time to shake things up a little. What could you do to add a little bit of pizzazz into your life? What area of your life needs to be more fulfilling?

Just a few questions but when answered and actioned upon, could really make the difference for you – so what’s next for you?

It’s your life, go get it!!


The Best Things


The Best Things

The best things can take years to fully develop into the greatest things. Successful businesses usually don’t happen overnight, there are years and years of grafting behind that success – you know the stuff we all don’t see and probably best that we don’t.

Success isn’t a mystery, it’s a catalogue of events, good and sometimes bad, matched with consistency, 100% effort, absolute dedication and that never ending desire to keep going.  I think we can all find those strengths within us, it just needs to be paired up with that one thing you are truly passionate about. So whether it be a successful author, a champion healthier body, the start up of a new billionaire potential business or the desire to travel the world – select that one thing that gets you super excited, so that no matter what road block you hit, you’re gonna just keep on going!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


The Meaningful Way

meaningful way

The Meaningful Way

Many paths lead to different destinations and different choices can decide the route BUT the best way, the most fulfilling and meaningful way, is by doing this your way and that’s the path you should take…..anyway, I know you will.

It’s Your Life, Go Get It!!



I’ll Try?

I'll Try

I’ll Try!!

There are no commitments with the term “I’ll Try”…’ll try??  In my book, you either “Do” or you “Don’t”, none of this “I’ll Try”.  Make a decision to commit and throw out the option of “I’ll Try” – it’s not an option in my book.

Do or Don’t ……Simple!!

It’s Your Life Go Get It!!


New Decision, New Life

new life old life

New Decision, New Life

You could be one decision away from a different kinda life, a different outcome and a completely new ball game.  Just one decision, really…….just think about that but most of all, think about your decision.

New decision, new life!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Stick to the Plan

stick to the plan

Stick to the Plan

Sometimes your plan doesn’t go to plan, but that’s alright.  Remember why this plan was important to you in the first place.  Set backs reach the best of us, it’s our opportunity to grow.  Stick to the plan and keep moving forward, as you never know just what’s around the corner.

Stick to the plan my friend, stick to the plan.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Surfing the Waves of Happiness

surfing happiness

Surfing the Waves of Happiness

Every second of your life is filled with temporary moments that may test you, uplift you and even make your heart sing.  Embrace these moments for indeed they are just temporary.  If it’s a moment that’s getting you down, use it to help you grow or if it’s a moment that is making you smile, treasure it.  Temporary moments, good or bad are just that – temporary.  The bad stuff will pass, yet so will the good stuff.  Life keeps moving on, tick-tick-tock.  Make your moments count and grow from them.

Everything is temporary – the tough stuff will pass and soon you’ll be surfing the waves of happiness again.

It’s your life, go get it!!




Help to Help

help to help images

Help to Help

It’s always a nice gesture to help someone who is needing a little bit of help.  I really love helping people, it makes me feel so good inside when I help someone.  Offer a helping hand today, even if it’s just a little thing because that could make the biggest difference to someone else.

Hold this one in your heart and help to help.

It’s your life go get it!!



Change It Up

change it up

Change It Up

If you’re in the mood for a change from the norm, then put yourself in the driving seat and change life up a bit for yourself.  This could be anything from a small thing like going to a different restaurant or a much bigger thing like changing where you live.  Don’t stay stuck in a rut with life, change it up.

So there you have it, change it up!!

It’s your life, go get it!!



Stay Strong – Stronger Than Ever

Stay Strong – Stronger Than Ever

In the past, I was always known as the “go to” girl in places where I worked, to write a wee funny poem about someone.  I would be asked to write poems for work colleagues leaving, celebrating their 50th birthday or expecting twins!!  I really really loved it.  I could write a poem very quickly and very easily and I always gave it just the right sentiment.  As the years went on I started writing poems that would encourage people to turn their life around for the better. A lot of the times, I was talking to myself if I was having a tough day – it would definitely make me feel better.

Stay Strong Poem

A few years ago my brother was going through a particular tough time at work, he was being made redundant and was treated very badly in the process.  My Professional background was in Human Resource Management so I helped him a lot professionally – it made the tough days a little easier for him.  After the process he was exhausted and was at a loss, he had to start looking for another job and in the middle of a recession it wasn’t easy!!

I gave my brother a little card to help him feel better and I made up a little poem for him entitled “Stay Strong” for him to read and hopefully make him feel better – it did.  Below is the poem that I wrote for my brother:

Stay Strong

Life can be tough,
the weather may be rough,
but stay strong,
find the inner strength to carry on.

You are loved, have faith, believe.
You are special, focus and achieve.
One door is closed, but many are ajar,
realise your potential, you’ll go very far.

The world is on your side,
so fill your heart with pride.
Move on up, inspire your mind,
get ready for change, you’re one of a kind.

A few years later I decided to turn some of my encouraging poems into motivational and encouraging greetings cards – I just wanted to cheer people up when they were going through low times.  I wanted to give people the opportunity to buy a card for a close friend or family member who was feeling down and that the greetings card would be heartfelt and encouraging towards that person.  Sometimes we struggle to find the words to say ourselves but a little card of encouragement can say it all for us.  It signifies that caring touch and that special bond we have with that person.   

Stay Strong Greetings Card

Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card

Over the last 2 years I have invested a lot of time and energy into setting up my motivational and encouraging greetings cards business and I am delighted to say that it is doing very well.  I am even more delighted to report that the “Stay Strong” greetings card, containing the original poem I wrote for my brother during his tough days, is the most popular and best selling greetings card of my 45 individual designs.

Below is a link to this card on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy:

Amazon:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Ebay:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Etsy:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card

Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card

A Caring Thought for the Good of All

I will continue to write my motivational and encouraging poems as I know they are spreading love and encouragement to people all over the world. This for me is my Happy Ever After!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


New Month, New You

new month new you images

New Month, New You

Treat the turn of a new month to treat yourself and move closer to your desires.

  • What is it that you truly want?
  • What will make your life easier today?
  • What will make you happier in this moment?
  • What are you going to do about it?

This is a new month for a new you, so decide today, to get back on track with your dreams, goals and desires and do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Your everyday choices and decisions contribute to a greater life or a not so great life – so what’s it going to be?

It’s your life, go get it!!



Breathing Space

breathing space

Breathing Space

Life can be one big rush rush at times and before you know it you’ve landed somewhere where you maybe don’t really want to be.  It’s important to take some “time out” of your usual and sometimes manic routine, to take stock of what’s happening in your life.  Give yourself some “breathing space”, some time for you to make sure you’re on the right path for you.  Just because you’re in “automatic pilot” mode doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in the right place for you.  It’s often the case that a lot of people spend more time planning their 2 week vacation every year than they do planning their whole lives. Spend some valuable time on the most important part and yes, that’s YOU. What’s your life plan and what are you going to do about it?

Plan well, live well, be well.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Stay Disciplined

self discipline

Stay Disciplined

Self discipline is like building a muscle, the more you work on it, the stronger you become.  Think about what you need to stay disciplined at to help you move forward in your life.  What do you need to do to help you to become stronger and more focussed on achieving one of your life goals?  Remember, things are changing all the time around you, change is a must.  Think about what you need or want to change in your life, make a plan and stick to it.  That doesn’t mean a straight road will take you there, more often than not it’s a bumpy, twisting and long road possibly with some difficult and some exciting turns along with the way.  Practice the art of self discipline and it will make this road much more easier to travel on.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Don’t Settle

don't settle

Don’t Settle

Don’t settle for an “okay” life, you deserve much better – we all do!! Although sometimes you’ve got to do the “ordinary” on a “temporary” basis to help you move forward into the “extraordinary”.

So when in the “okay” moments of life, tell yourself another story, think about how you can use your current position to take you to the next better position. Always think about how you can make it easier for yourself, make it better for yourself, make life much more happier and much more worthwhile.

Time is going to go past anyway, so do what you need to do now to get you to the next step, keep inching forward and aim for the very best – whatever that is for you.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Do What You Need To Do

do what you need to do

Do What You Need To Do

Always focus on the solutions to your challenges and do what you need to do until you don’t need to do that anymore.

“Do what you need to do until you don’t need to do that anymore”.

Now you’ve got that one, put it into practice and you’ll see your world getting better for you – inch by inch!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Follow your inner calling…

Thank you Lisa C, another great post!!

Metaphysical Attraction


When it comes to manifestation, I have learnt that one of the most important factors is trust. Not only trust in the Universe but also trust in yourself. Without it, life can be a different place and take you to different places.

When life presents an option that may seem impossible at first, know that this is the moment. This is the doorway if you dare to enter… where you will meet YOU.

You will meet with your Greatness.

Let that energy of trust into every area of your life and watch it grow. Let it become a habit that allows room and breath so you may seek what is seeking you.

With the power of faith and trust anything can happen. It is the Way of the World.

In love and light,

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Another Way

another way

Another Way

“There must be another way”, I said……so I discovered another way, another path to take, another adventurous moment in time. It wasn’t the easy path but it was the path most worthwhile and it was the path that would lead me to ultimate happiness.  I didn’t have to look very far but it was hard to see it in times of struggle – as a matter of fact, it grew stronger on these occasions.

I remember that moment where I clearly expressed “there must be another way” and now I am here, on this “other way”.  I’m not following a yellow brick road, I’m painting a new path, a new vision and creating a new energy.  Inch by inch……inch by inch, that’s what it takes.

Keep moving forward.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Carry On

take a deep breath and carry on

Carry On

Maybe none of this make sense right now and maybe you’re even thinking you could be going backwards. However, think about how far you have come, think about the experiences in life that have taken you to this point in your life. Remember, life can’t keep a good one down for very long.  Take a deep breath and carry on. It may feel like the only option but it’s likely the best option for you.  Life has many ups and life as many downs and sometimes it just doesn’t seem very fair.  It’s not  a thought to be holding onto, just you keep going.  Nothing stays the same forever, life is changing all the time and you’ve just got to keep on grinding and believe me, you’ll get there and I know that because you’re here now.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Be Courageous

be courageous

Be Courageous

Be courageous in your thinking and be courageous in your doing, put yourself to the test and go that extra mile.

To be a courageous thinker you have to fight those automatic “normal” thoughts and turn them around to “extraordinary” thoughts.  When you start doing this, you’ll find that you become braver in your everyday decisions, stronger in making the right choices for you and you become a creator of opportunities rather than waiting on the right opportunity to arise.

Remember though, you have to act out those courageous thoughts because you won’t go anywhere different if they only remain just that.

Be your very own courageous warrior today and everyday.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Give Yourself the Gift of a Goal

set goals

Give Yourself the Gift of a Goal

Don’t allow yourself to drift aimlessly through another month. It’s the start of a brand new month, so put yourself up for the challenge and set yourself a worthwhile goal. Go on, give yourself the gift of a goal.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Move and Be Motivated

get doing

Move and Be Motivated

There are times in life when you just want to be lazy, actually sometimes you don’t even realise you’re being a little bit lazy until you really think about it. Now I wouldn’t describe myself as lazy, probably the complete opposite, however sometimes this “lazy moment” feeling does hit me.  Today I felt the “lazy feeling” creep up on me so I had to immediately do something about it because for me the less I do the lazier I get.

“I ain’t having that”, I said to myself, so I forced myself out of my comfy cosy bed, put on the running gear and reluctantly (at first) headed out for a run. One hour later and I had a nice little 10k run under my belt. There was no stopping me after that – but I had to move to be more motivated!!

So next time you’re in Mr or Mrs Lazy Mode, push past the comfort zone and force yourself to “get going and get doing”.  Move and be motivated to change it up a little, whatever that is for you, but just get doing.  The world won’t wait on you to get moving, you have to hold yourself accountable for that one.

It’s your life, go get it!!