You’re Stronger Than You Think

stronger than you think

You’re Stronger Than You Think

I heard a saying yesterday that if you’re not doubting yourself in the pursuit of your goal then that goal isn’t challenging enough for you – what a fantastic positive  twist this saying put on all my seeds of doubts.

You’re stronger than you think you know, sometimes you just can’t over think it, sometimes you’ve just got to go and do that thing.

I encourage you today to “go and do that thing” because you know you can and I believe YOU WILL, take the first step and you’ve got this.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Your Time Will Come

your time will come

Your Time Will Come

Take the weeds of worry out of your life today – just for today and erase all negativity, all complaining and all blaming.  Even this very thought should make you feel lighter inside. It may seem hard right now to think that your glory days are on their way but if you keep sticking with what’s working, keeping changing what’s not, keep fining tuning your current position, then my friend, your time will surely come.

Your time will come, it will, so keep at it and believe what you’re doing will absolutely work for you in the end.

Oh and remember to have some fun along the way!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


30 Days to Change Your Life

change your life

30 Days to Change Your Life

As we enter a new month, think about the positive changes you want to make in your life.  Now let’s really do something about this.  Give yourself the next 30 days to change your life, to experience great things and to amaze your heart and mind. Do you think you could do that?  Would you like to give it a go?

That sounds like a fascinating challenge to me, so give it some thought today and start blowing your mind away from tomorrow.  Everything starts with that first step and I encourage you to take it now. By the beginning of the next month you could be a completely new person experiencing the best things for you.  So take the next 30 days to change your life, what will you do?

It your life, go get it!!




Are You Talking Sense?

talking sense

Are You Talking Sense?

Your thinking is very powerful and what you say to yourself when alone with your own thoughts can either make you or break you. When you talk to yourself, are you talking sense? It’s most important that the conversation you have with yourself is one that serves you well. So next time your silent whispers raise true thought, ensure that they are encouraging, empowering and help you work towards achieving the best version of you.

I trust I’m making sense!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


No More Waiting

no more waiting

No More Waiting

Choosing the life you want to live is really about eliminating the waiting game and being proactive enough to go get the opportunities. Amazing opportunities can sometimes be hidden in the most strangest of packages but you have to say “yes” to the surface opportunity before you can get to the truly amazing stuff. You might have to start in the most bizarre place but if you’re insightful enough you will see that this is merely a stepping stone to getting you to where you want to go. You have to be brave and take your own path regardless of what the people closest to you might say. Some people can be really great at giving you their opinions on how you should live your life, but only YOU know what’s right for you – only YOU can live YOUR life.

So, I encourage you today to be wise in your decisions and choices going forward and don’t wait for anyone.  You know you have to keep going, you know where you’re heading, so keep taking those baby steps and vow to a life of “no more waiting”.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Don’t Feel Like It?

don't feel like it

Don’t Feel Like It?

Sometimes we all go through those “I don’t feel like it” stages, you know, the “I just can’t be bothered” feeling.  Yes, I’ve been there and worn the t-shirt!! There is a cure for feeling like this and basically all you have do to when you don’t feeling like doing something, is JUST DO IT.  Yes, force yourself past the thought of feeling negatively about the event/situation or whatever it is you don’t feel like doing and yes, I’ll say it again, JUST YOU DO IT.  Doing it is the magical medicine that can turn those feelings around, but you know what, you’ve just got to do it.

So next time you hear yourself saying, “I’m not going, I just don’t feel like it”, push yourself past that feeling and go and do that very thing and that’s your miracle cure right there for feeling instantly better. You won’t know until you get there, but you will definitely be glad that you did it.

It’s your life, go get it!!


From Pain to Gain

crossroads images

From Pain to Gain

When will it all be worth it, I hear you asking yourself?  Your pathway to success and pure life fulfilment can be painstakingly tough and I mean emotionally, mentally and physically.  “Give me a break……please”, yes, we’ve all been there at times and I am no different.  Hang in there my friend, because just when you feel like letting it all go, like throwing in the towel, a glimmer of hope shines from the darkest depths of despair.  Where does this light come from?  This light is in you, it’s your inner strength growing and shimmering like the brightest star. No matter how many mistakes you have made, no matter how tough it gets, there is always a way, ALWAYS.  Let that way, be your way and no one else’s, for you have to take the driving seat in your own life. Your very own path may not make sense to anyone else, but that’s why it’s your path and no one else can decide that for you. As soon as you take charge of your own choices, your destiny will start to take shape. Mould and design your life your way, it doesn’t matter if no one else understands, it really doesn’t matter, you have to do what you want to do and master the game your way.

It’s the only way to move from real pain to real gain – do it your way, I DID 🙂

It’s your life, go get it!!




Selling Yourself Short?

selling yourself short

Selling Yourself Short?

On your own pathway to change ensure that you hold your integrity and stay in alignment with your deepest core values.  I say this because if you don’t there is a danger of selling yourself short and you know more than anybody that you have much more to give.  There is a challenge in every challenge and at the heart of it all is your greatest potential, so push yourself past any fears that get in your way.

Think about all the areas of your life that you want to change for the better and ask yourself this question, “Where am I selling myself short?”.  You see, when I answer that question for myself, I do see many opportunities that I am not engaging in for myself and I am sure you will see some for yourself too. Maybe it’s time to sort out the things in your life that are not serving you well, get rid of the weeds in your garden and put your energy into the good seeds that you want to blossom.

Test your capabilities and realise your potential, you are more than worthy of it and deserve the best.

Thank you for being here,

It’s your life, go get it!!


Get Doing

get doing

Get Doing

It’s so easy to over think things that you want to change in your life and I myself have been guilty of this recently. However, there comes a time in your life when you have to just do that thing, just get out there, forget the think, think, think button and press play.  This is your time now to get on that playing field, to be all you can be, to become the best version of yourself, this is your time……your time NOW!!

Get going, get moving, get doing and there is nothing more to be said on the matter.

Remember my motto:  “It’s your life, go get it!!”


What’s Your Inner Strategy?

Inner Strategy

What’s Your Inner Strategy?

Behind every strategy is another strategy, let me explain.

So let’s say you want to change something for the better in your life, let’s say for example, you want to change your career and go on a completely different direction. Let’s say you want to move away from your Management Consultancy Business and progress with a new career in property development.  So first of all I would say, hey you, that’s truly amazing and that I admire your spirit, drive and determination to change your future, congratulations, you’ve taken your very first step, well done!!  Now the next part for you is likely to be exciting, crazy, liberating, fulfilling, challenging and possibly frightening – all at once!!  You’ve gained the knowledge, you’ve got the outer strategy and you are damn well ready to execute – oh yes, you definitely know where you’re going with this one.  However, I also want you to think about your inner strategy – what do I mean by that?

Your inner strategy is that vitally important checklist, the inner compass guiding and strengthening you on the unknown path ahead.  This inner strategy is the imperative foundations that you will build your outer strategy upon – you’ve got to get the inner strategy right…...first and foremost.  On your inner strategy checklist you will be clear on the following areas:

  • I clearly know my core values and what each value means to mean.
  • I specifically know what is personally important to me going forward in life – I know my non-negotiables.
  • I fully believe in my capabilities, unlimited potential and I have faith in myself even when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I am fully supportive of me, as much as I want solid support from the people closest to me, this is not necessary, as it is my responsibility to support myself with every choice, decision and commitment I make.
  • I have a contingency plan containing critical action points that serve my inner wellbeing if and when difficult stresses arise – I know what’s in my combat toolbox to strengthen my mind, body and help me regain any lost focus.
  • I am confident, resilient and have an abundance of energy that is absolutely necessary to the success of my new vision.
  • I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it, I believe that asking for help is a necessary part of the process.
  • I am clear on my standards and expectations and I will not deviate from these in challenging times.
  • I will regularly take quiet time out to reflect, review and refresh my thinking.
  • I am totally committed to the end goal however I will remain present in the process and give everything my best.
  • I promise to value my self worth and continue to grow and contribute to my purpose at every opportunity.

Your inner strategy is more important than the outer strategy, you’ve got to be clear on this stuff at the very beginning because if you are unclear on any of these statements any slight failure along the way may crumble your progress.

What I am saying is, go to work on yourself, know your inner strategy, have clarity and self awareness about you, for this will be the BEST start you can ever give yourself before any major life change.  This is the sure start that will inevitably lead you to success.

Thank you for being here.

It’s Your Life, Go Get It!!


Consider All Options

crossroads images

Consider All Options

When you want to change something in your life for the better and you feel you’ve reached a crossroad, before you take your next step, consider all options. Initially when you think about your options going forward you may only come up with a few ideas but if you really take the time to sit down and map out all the options available to you, I bet you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with. Leave no stone unturned when you look at this area because this could be the difference between a good opportunity and a great opportunity going forward. Your destiny is in your decision making, the choices that you make day in and day out, so make sure you’re committing to the most fulfilling choices for you.

There is a big wide world of opportunity out there for you and you must take the time to explore many different ways you could go. It’s best not to rush into making any rash decisions to change an area of your life, think about why you really want to change in this area and what is most important for you going forward. Coach yourself into making the right decision for you because life is far too precious to go down a wrong path.

Be mindful of honouring your core values for they will provide you with the inner guidance that you seek. Change is good, life is always changing, always moving on, so don’t get stuck at the crossroads, take one meaningful giant step towards the life that you deserve.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Are You Good Enough?

good enough

Are You Good Enough?

A question you maybe ask yourself every now and again. Your answer may vary depending on your mood, what’s going on around you and what you’re currently involved in.  However, I want you to believe, really believe that yes you are good enough. In this moment now, you are good enough to take the next step, good enough to challenge your thinking and good enough to get back in control of your life.  As a matter of fact, good is not complimentary enough because you are amazing, wonderful and can create positive impact wherever you go – it’s all a matter of choice.

Limiting Beliefs

Never let your own limiting beliefs starve you from an unlimited amount of possibilities open for you.  Master the right thinking, thoughts that will serve you well, thoughts that will challenge the norm and catapult you into a new, invigorating and forever thriving life.

Aim High

I encourage you to set your target, aim high and focus on building momentum, reviewing progress along the way. Don’t live a dull, boring and unfulfilled life because you are set in your ways or lack the energy to do anything about it. The less you do the less motivated you will feel, so embrace the opportunity in the now and conquer the life that you want.

Winning Formula

We all dream of better things, a better life, more happiness and more fulfilment but dreaming and doing are completely two different things.  One without the other proves to be meaningless but combine the two together and you get a winning formula for the life you deserve.

Break the Chains

The days, weeks, months and years can go past really quickly in an unchallenged lack lustre life.  Raise your standards and don’t allow yourself to settle for what currently is.  Break the chains from your robotic life and feel alive again and if you don’t remember how feeling alive really feels, then this is surely your cue to take over.

Over and out…….keep at it!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Clarity of Thought

Albert Einstein Clarity of thought

Clarity of Thought

It’s very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life doing the same thing day in and day out. The treadmill of life can be a bit like that, if you let it. What if you did something different today, what if you surprised yourself with trying something new, maybe something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t quite got there yet?

Your Day

Let this be your day, your day to express yourself in a different way, your day to shine in a different way that adds sparkle to your own life and brightens up another’s life. What would that be for you?  When you gain clarity of thought in this area it will immediately perk you up, you will feel excited and joyous about this new activity in your life.

Follow Your Heart

“Follow your heart”, it really is one of those sayings that a lot of people love and a lot of people quite frankly dismiss. Personally, I have been in both sides of the camp at different times of my life, sometimes following my heart and sometimes following my head!!  Lot’s of times I didn’t follow through with the heart stuff because my head got in the way – is this good or bad?  No regrets that what I say, I am here now, grateful in this moment and that is what matters most to me now.

Dig Deep

What do you enjoy most about your life right now? Even if you are finding that question hard to answer, dig deep if you have to, you’ll most definitely find something – you are a lot more richer than you realise.

Be Present

Review the experiences you are currently having in your life right now, are these experiences of quality, of fulfilment, of purpose?  Are you growing and contributing to life as much as you want to be?  Questions, questions, so many questions but the right question will lead you to be present in the fullness of life.

I ask you today, to ponder the thoughts that this post raises for you, reading between the lines, what speaks true for you?  Here is one conclusion of many, heart with no effort equals a head with more troubles – work that one out!!

Gain real clarity in why you do what you do, your head and your heart will thank you for it.

Thank you for being here.

It’s Your Life, Go Get It!!


Energise You

energise you

Energise You

You need energy to live a happy life, good energy, vibrant energy, wholesome energy, healthy energy… need lots and lots of lovely energy.  So where does this energy come from?

The powerful energy that you need to attract everything you want in life and more comes from within you.   It’s in the way you breathe, the way you think, the way you walk, it’s in everything you do.

It’s your time now to energise you.  What will you do today, in this moment now that will contribute to building up the necessary energy you need to feel amazing and to believe you can take on the world and then go out and actually do it?

There are many different things that you can do, one thing for sure is to get out of your own way and create the life of your dreams.  You could make one important decision today that will change your destiny forever.  Think about that decision you need to make and just decide, this decision alone will create massive energy within you – it really will.

Everything is energy, including every part of you.  Manifest the right energy within you and you will be one great step in moving your life forward, just the way you want it.

Make that decision and energise you TODAY.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Begin Again

begin again

Begin Again

What if you had to begin again and I really mean begin again, right where you are, what would that mean for you, what would you want to start again?

Life is a bit like that, sometimes we just have to begin again, start afresh, let go of old ways and encompass new ways – new ways of thinking, new ways of doing and new ways of feeling.

Think of your life ahead as one big blank canvas, lots of white space to fill with whatever you want to fill it with – what do you want to fill your white space with?

Use your imagination right now to envisage a life of love, love for everything you want to do and who you love being with.  Reinvent the next chapter of your life into something truly amazing for you and your loved ones. This space can be entered into the here and now by changing things up for yourself, whatever that will be for you.

So I encourage you today to fill your walking boots with courage, bravery, energy, love, self-discipline, creativity, imagination and determination to make each baby step of change fulfilling and purposeful for you.

Get those walking boots out and rock your socks off into the next episode of YOUR AMAZING LIFE.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Calling All Dreamers

dream big

Calling All Dreamers

Do you think you know what it’s all about, this life of yours?  What if you didn’t dream, what if you just lived your life on automatic pilot and never wished for anything better, never wanted to reach your potential, never wanted to be happier or to receive more love in your life? What if, all you have right now, is exactly all it ever will be, period.

You’ve Arrived

That’s it, you’ve laid down your cards, you’ve taken life to as far as you could get it and you’re here, you’ve arrived, does that thought suck or does that thought elate you?

A Dreamer and a Doer

Well if you’re a dreamer like me, a dreamer and a doer like me that thought probably doesn’t even come into your mind of existence.  I believe that the greatest potential in you hasn’t even scraped the surface of what is possible for you.  The dreamers mind is infinite, full of abundant creativity waiting to be energised.

Glimmer of Hope

Everything starts with a dream, an idea, a glimmer of hope, nothing could exist otherwise.  To achieve the greatest self though takes the dreamer from one imaginary world into another, if they want to turn that dream into reality. You see dreamers are inspired by the beauty and excitement of what could be.  So what could be?

Calling all dreamers, you could take that dream, that idea, that magic of creativity and let it burst with energy inside of you, so much so, that it expands into a magnitude of inspired action that will catapult your dream into this current reality. The pure magic of this though, is it can only come from the ultimate power within you – yes, that’s right, only you have the key to release your uniqueness into the now.  So dream the dream but make this dream so highly compelling that it pulls you forth into making itself into its own super creation.

There you have it, the power is within you, grow that seed, give it your energy and watch with pure excitement it manifest before you.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Claim Your Power

Thank you Lisa C, May your divine path find you too…..

Metaphysical Attraction


After recent events in my life, I was left thinking about what it means to be powerful. Does it mean being in control or having specific things in your life? Does it mean being positive and happy with where you are? What does the word power actually mean? These are questions that have been living in my mind of late.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try or how positive you try to be, life just happens and takes you by surprise. Often this is not in the way we hope or like but nevertheless it is what it is and it’s up to each of us to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in, even if it is forced upon us.

It has been a difficult few weeks but I feel such gratitude for my life and the people around me. I truly am blessed and…

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How Are You Doing Out There?

how are you doing out there

How Are You Doing Out There?

How’s life with you? I mean how’s life really for you? Are you happy, content, fulfilled or are you feeling there needs to be more happening for you, more excitement, more joy, more passion?  I think we all maybe feel like we need to have more in our lives every now and again and when you do feel like that be grateful for that feeling because that feeling is telling you you’re so ready for change and you’re ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Great Challenge

Life is one great challenge, one hell of a rollercoaster ride, sometimes it’s fast and furious and sometimes it’s laid back and lazy. Think about what you need more of in your life today and everyday, what would make you feel more fulfilled?  Take time to answer these questions for yourself because life truly is what you make it, life could be your most greatest story ever told or the ugliest one, which one do you choose?


Take a stance, focus on growth and contribution – the ultimate fulfilment.  No growth, sucks, it actually means you’re not even standing still, it means you’re actually going backwards, as other people who are growing take over you.

Be Grateful

Every second that goes past, is a moment to change for the better, it’s a moment to be grateful for what you’ve got and to look at how far you’ve come no matter how tough the road has been.


So there you have it, what are you going to do today? Don’t just say it this time, live and breathe those words and if that means picking up the pen, reading the business book, choosing the healthier food choice, applying for the job, making the phone call – then that is what you MUST do.  Punch your way through the challenges for there is no better fight to win than holding the trophy of true life fulfilment in your heart.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Stop and Take Stock

stop and take stock images

Stop and Take Stock

Every now and again it’s good to stop and take stock of where you’re at in terms of where you are going. It’s so easy to keep going and keep going on automatic pilot without checking if where you are right now is where you need to be. Before you go too far, plan some “stop and take stock” time, this could really be the catalyst in shaping your destiny.  Take a 360 degree look at what’s happening with you and what’s happening around you – do you like what you see? If you do, great, keep moving forward towards that dream goal but if not, now is the time to do something different.  Remember nothing changes until you do, so stop and take stock of you, you’ll be so glad you did.

Thank you for being here, it’s your life, go get it!!


Which Attitude?

choose a happy attitude images

Which Attitude?

There is a magnetic, captivating and contagious attitude that when embraced and shared throughout your daily activities will catapult you and your life to the greatest level.  It’s the the attitude of “yes I can” “yes I will help” “yes I will do it” “yes this is a great opportunity” “yes, thank you for the experience” “yes I will certainly give it a try” “yes I will keep going” “yes I will give it 100%”. THIS attitude is the ultimate attitude of moving you one step closer to your dreams. This beautiful attitude attracts to you the life that you desire.


I hold this attitude in my heart and mind every day, I live and breathe this attitude as much as I can and it has been very good to me in return. Opportunities are abundant, they are everywhere, living and breathing around you but only with the right attitude will you see them and get a chance to experience them.

Scenic Route

This is the right attitude which will help you to get to where you want to go, it’s sometimes the scenic route, in other words, not always the quickest route, but certainly when you look back on life it’s the most fulfilling.

Yes I Can

What’s the point of living your life with a “I hate the world” attitude, what’s the point of letting everyone know you’re having a bad day?  Think about it, with that attitude you’re just dragging everyone else around you down – well if they let you.  Personally, I never gravitate towards people with that unhappy negative attitude, I move away from them as fast as I can.  Think about lifting yourself up for a change, practice having a “yes I can” attitude and be grateful for your everyday challenges for without them you would not grow and without growth your contribution to the world becomes less and less and thus moving you away from a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Live your life with zest, with an upbeat attitude that will allow you to tackle even the most difficult of challenges.  A positive attitude will attract the right people into your life, people who will want to help you, people who will be there for you, people who will support you and stand by your side in the toughest of times.  Be enthusiastic, be excited about life and engage in new things that interest you and do as much as you can of what you love.  Your whole being will thank you for it.  Get going and take the right attitude with you today and everyday.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Cape Town – Your gateway to the best Adventure destinations!

Beautiful Cape Town and I am so lucky to have visited it a number of years ago and watch the sunset from the top of Table Mountain, so stunning.

Journal Edge

Cape Town is a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, on a peninsula beneath the imposing Table Mountain. Cape Point is an Executive Partner of Cape Town Tourism. Looming large and welcoming you to Cape Town, whether you are arriving by plane, train, boat or automobile, is the iconic Table Mountain, one of the 7Wonders of Nature. Table Mountain National Park defines the city. The flat-topped mountain is the headline act, but there are many other equally gorgeous natural landscapes within the park’s extensive boundaries. Cultivated areas, such as the historic Company’s Gardens, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Green Point Park, also make exploring the city a pleasure. Follow the lead of locals by taking full advantage of the abundant outdoor space: learn to surf; go hiking or mountain biking; tandem-paraglide off Lion’s Head; abseil off the top of Table Mountain – just a few of the many activities on…

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You’ll Do It

you will do it

You’ll Do It

When you need to do it, you’ll do it and I mean you’ll really do it.

You see sometimes there is this little switch that goes off inside of you and sometimes we don’t even really know what specifically has triggered it but get ready for when it goes off.  When you switch the switch you can move mountains, it’s amazing where your resourcefulness can come from.

You see, you are full of the greatest imagination and abundant creativity.  Let this magic within you pour out of your veins and into your world.  You have everything you need right now, you can absolutely be the champion of dreams, yes you can.

I dare you today, I dare you to get ready for the change of your life, you know it’s there, maybe you just got a little lazy, a little complacent, but that’s all in the past now – do it all now.  I believe you’ll do it and guess what, so do you.

It’s your life, go get it!!


One More Step

one more step

One More Step

Even if you don’t really feel like it, even if you feel you’ve had enough, go on, just take one more step, for this step could be the difference between making it or breaking it.

Even if it’s not that one step, it certainly could be the next.  So just when you think to yourself, “That’s it I’ve had enough of going for this dream, getting to this goal is taking forever, this is way much harder than I first anticipated”. Just think about this, What’s the alternative?  Going back, is that what you want for yourself? Stopping and going backwards, back to there, that place where you don’t want to be, is that really for you?


You have much more inner drive and determination in you than that, so take that one more step, take it and after that, I bet you feel like taking another. One step at a time, that’s all it takes, then when you look back, you will see how far you have come, you will really see the progress you have made.

So go on, do this one for yourself, take one more step, go on, take it now, you’ll be so glad that you did.

It’s your life, go get it.


Be Grateful


Be Grateful

Be grateful for the new friends that come into your life for they bring with them a new light, a refreshing energy and a happy spirit to be embraced.

I love meeting new people, I love making new friends and I really love helping people, I just do, it makes me feel good and it feels natural and genuine for me.

I find meeting new people fascinating, I love listening to their life stories born from their greatest experiences, it feels like a special connection to me.

Welcome new people into your life today, welcome them with open arms and help as much people as you can along the way in your journey of life.

New friends are magical and new friends may be everything you need right now.

Happy days to you.


Are You Stuck in the Mud?

stuck in the mud image

Stuck in the Mud?

Are you stuck in the mud with nowhere to go right now?  Well if you are, and hopefully not literally, this is possibly a good metaphor of how you are feeling or what you are currently experiencing.

What I would say to you is this, think of it this way – be grateful for the challenge, because in every challenge there is the opportunity to learn, grow, develop and be a better you.  You see, you may feel like you have tried many ways, but many ways is not every way and there WILL be a way to break free from the challenge you’re currently facing.  Can you honestly say you’ve tried every way?  I am guessing possibly not because there is always the ways you’ve not yet thought of – yes those invisible ones which aren’t quite clear to you right now.

This is where your creativity and super imagination come into play, this is the time you have to get going and get thinking “out of the box”.  It may also be the time to face up to the reality of what is stopping you from moving forward and I mean what is really stopping you – usually this is fears from within, imaginary fears that hold you back from taking that next step.  Yes, we all have them!!

So I challenge you today to take one small, tiny brave step towards overcoming these fears, believe me, when you do this, you’re whole mindset will start to change.  You see, this is where the momentum starts to build and it will encourage you to keep going, to keep taking courageous steps towards your goal.

Nothing changes until you change and a good start would be seeing yourself out of the mud and flying high amongst the stars, dancing in the midst of your dreams.

Take on the challenge, start with you, start with your thinking, start with some tiny bit of inspired action.

Do it, do it for yourself, do it for your sanity, do it for your dream life, just do it.

It’s your life, go get it.



Lift Yourself Higher

lifting yourself higher

Lift Yourself Higher

It’s all down to you to lift yourself higher, unfortunately there is no magic wand out there that will do it for you.

Think about what will uplift your mood if you are feeling a little bit lower than normal. Plan ahead for when those low times come and prepare to react responsibly in way that will cheer you up.  Get your strategy in place to combat those feelings, for we all get them every now and again.

Sometimes the most simple things can do the trick, like phoning a friend, going for a walk, watching your favourite movie, doing a little bit of exercise, writing a poem, drawing, reading an inspiring book.  Whatever you have to do to cheer yourself up, just think ahead and be prepared in advance to lift yourself higher.

It’s time to get out of that lower mood and into that higher happier place, it’s time to take inspired action on changing your life for the better, it’s time to take charge and put yourself back in the driving seat.

It’s time, you know it’s time, you know more that anyone else that it’s time.

Go for it.

It’s your life, go get it.


Feel the Energy

feel the energy

Feel the Energy

Feel the energy of achieving your dream, put your energy out there and see what catches.


Your enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, it can inspire the greatest action, the most magical “out of the box” thinking, that just might lead to activities that invite the perfect opportunity for you.

Feel the Vision

Be determined, feel the vision, believe that your energy will enthuse and attract other like minded people.

This is just the start, this is the beginning of an abundance of opportunities, this is your key to success.

Make it Happen

Feel the energy in your heart of hearts now and put it out there, it’s your time to make it happen.

There are people who want what you’ve got to offer, so get going and put your energy out there….the time is now!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Stay Fresh

stay fresh

Stay Fresh

Stay fresh in your life, what does this mean?

Fresh Thinking

Stay fresh in your thinking, be open to new ideas, new ways of working, new opportunities that come your way….stay fresh.

Fresh Eating

Stay fresh with your eating habits, make healthy choices, drinks lots of pure fresh clean water, eat fresh, be fresh and keep your body good….stay fresh.

Fresh Doing

Stay fresh with your activities, be open to trying out new things, when was the last time you tried something new?  Truly feel alive by doing more of what you love and……stay fresh.

Fresh Exercise

Stay fresh with regular daily exercise, a very little is more than, well, nothing, so every little counts here.  Stay fresh by going for a lovely walk in the fresh air, breathe in life, let it glow and flow through your body….stay fresh.

Fresh Money

Stay fresh with your money, think about new ways to earn more money, not just what to spend your money on.  Stay fresh by managing your money better and getting back in control of it.  Keep your money fresh….stay fresh.

Stay fresh at all times, your true self with thank you for it.

Stay fresh,




A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living

A life worth living, starts with you. Yes, you, from inside, from deep inside your heart because that’s where the core of your own truth lives and breathes.

That Natural Feeling

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own saturated heads that we forget what that natural feeling is really like and it’s so easy to do, as I am sure each and everyone of you have experienced at some time in your life.

Cut to the Chase

So what is a life worth living to you? What does this really mean for you? Let’s cut to the chase here, as a matter of a fact I feel a true life worth living eliminates all chasing completely.  What are you chasing?  Happiness? Success? Money? Love? Belonging?  Think about this, if you’re always chasing, are you really living……well, are you?

It’s Your Time to Decide

A life worth living, say it out loud, A LIFE WORTH LIVING, again a life worth living, it’s your time to decide what that is. One thing for sure is though, if you’re always chasing you’re missing the best parts, the best moments, the best part of now because a life worth living is this moment in time now and now…..and well, now!!

With Open Arms

What can you do in the now to fully embrace with open arms a life worth living? It’s there you know, IT IS there, right in front of you, its energy is all around you.

I encourage you today, to really think about this one because if you’re merely existing and/or just surviving, what beauty and magic are you missing right now because it is everywhere you know?

A Life Worth Living… in it now!!


The Mind

The Mind

The Mind, A Short Motivational Poem by Clarabelle


The mind so powerful,
abundant and true.
The mind so amazing,
it is unique to you.

A short inspirational poem by Clarabelle.
Thank you for watching.

Natural Flow

Be in natural flow…..


When I am out running, I often feel like I fall into some sort of hypnotic or meditative state, it’s hard to explain and put into words but whilst out running today I was thinking about it.  Sometimes my runs are easy, free-flowing, effortless and natural (like yesterday) and sometimes my runs feel really tough (like today).  Whilst out running this morning I was thinking about, what makes the difference in me? I know that when my mind is busy, like today, my runs are tougher and when my mind is silent, it feels like, as the runner, I become the run.  This then got me thinking about other things that would also apply to, i.e. the lover becomes the love, the singer becomes the song etc.. etc..  Which inspired this next poem.  Whatever you do today, may it feel natural, loving and in spirit.  Love Clarabelle

Natural Flow Natural Flow


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Where Do I Fall?

Where Do I Fall?

Where Do I Fall?

Where do I fall,
if not at my feet?
What keeps me going,
after defeat?
A focused forever,
of what I am.
A determined spirit,
of “Yes I Can”.
For a winning heart,
is a champion mind.
My faith is amazing,
it is one of a kind.

A Short Motivational Animation by Clarabelle
Thank you for watching.

A little bit of gratitude….

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude….


A little bit of gratitude goes a long long way.  

Below is an updated version of the YouTube video which relates to the eBook I am currently creating entitled “It’s All About Gratitude”.  The eBook will be available to purchase on Amazon Kindle soon and the video shares extracts from the content of that eBook.

The backing track has been updated on this latest YouTube video.  The backing track piano instrumental is from my original song “I Am Here” and I will be in the studio very soon recording it for my up and coming music Album, “The Becoming of Me”.  The backing track you hear playing on this YouTube video was arranged and played by Denis Kilty, and I am so grateful to Denis for arranging this piano backing track, he did such an amazing job.

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Inside of Me

Feel Alive…


I watched a motivational video today on YouTube (see below), immediately after watching it, I wrote the following quote:

“My motivation
to inspire others
will never die,
because inspiration
lives inside of me.”

Wishing you an inspired day today, much love to you, Clarabelle

Clarabelle Logo

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Hey You

You’ll win this way……


Hey you, I feel you need a little reminder of how far you’ve already come…..this poem is perfectly timed for you.

Hey You

Hey you,
Don’t give up
Be strong now
Fill up your cup
With happy thoughts
Love for the dream
On your own
Or one of the team
You can do it
Turn around
No going back
Up of the ground
Moment by moment
Day by day
You’re getting closer
You’ll win this way.

By Clarabelle


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The New Essex TV Channel

Expectations of the New Essex TV Channel

Essex TV Channel is an upcoming new and innovative IPTV channel in one of the small counties of London named Essex.  Their main aim is to reach out to the audience worldwide while broadcasting their local programs as well.  This channel offers participation of anyone from anywhere in the world to help promote their channel.

Essex TV

An innovative TV, it broadens the minds of people while entertaining them through Sports, Reality TV, Business, Local News and Entertainment content.  One could either contribute to Essex TV by appearing and commenting on various new stories, or by participating in local films or media discussions; or by volunteering by means of researching for stories, helping produce and edit footages or producing graphics for the local programs.

The signature slogan “Bringing Essex Together” implies that the association will be recruiting presenters and searching for online content which will be different from the normal stereotype family and community friendly programs.  However this has not been launched yet as the association hasn’t disclosed their future plans.

Essex TV

The announcement of their future plans and goals have not been specified or known to the public as of now as it is still in process to be launched over the next few months.




Be Grateful

Be Grateful for Life

Be Grateful for Life

Create ‘flow’ in your life, let worries melt away,
Yesterday has gone but the learning can stay.
Tomorrow is not here, live for today,
Enjoy each precious moment, in every way.
Be grateful for life, the moon and the sun,
Be grateful for your family and everyone.
Smile at your neighbours and the stranger on the street,
For your smile is contagious, to all that you meet.
Happy is the heart, that glows from within,
Embrace life and love and forever you’ll win.

A Poem by Clarabelle
Thank you for watching.

There’s a Friend in Each Stranger

There’s a Friend in Each Stranger

Seed of Change

Every person you have not connected with yet is a potential friend, companion, confidante or seed of change. There is indeed a friend in each stranger and every day we let potential friends pass us by. A gentle smile towards another can surely make their day, for a smile is one form of communication that no matter what the language barrier, it will always warm another’s heart.

My heart speaks to you today, it is graciously smiling like an upside down rainbow – colourful, magical and beaming with joy. There is much beauty to be found in the stranger by your side, this poem is inspired by just that. Pay your smile forward today and spread a little happiness. Much love to you Clarabelle.

There’s a Friend in Each Stranger

There’s a friend in each stranger, look and see,

Be brave, take a chance, with he or she.

It may lead to forever or a short term thought,

But if you look at the positive, you’ll find such a lot.

Welcome a new world, from inside their eyes,

Exchange happy moments, desires or surprise.

Be truthful and listen, for their heart will speak,

Don’t hide any more, just take a peek.


An Inspirational Poem by Clarabelle.

Thank you for watching.


Think about your thinking…..

Inspiration With Explanation

Are you happy right now?

If not, it’s because you’re thinking about something that you shouldn’t be… or not thinking about something that you should be.

Shakespeare once said… “Nothing is either good or bad, thinking makes it so.”

For example: my friend was recently sick & every time they thought about being sick… they felt worse.

Every time they thought about something else… they felt better.

The goal for today: think Right… & don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Have a great day everybody!

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