Dancing in Your Shoes

Poem, Dancing in Your Shoes

I have been working very very hard lately and not had much of a break, so now I think it is time to let my hair down a little and have some fun.  After all, it can’t always be work, work, work, even though I do love what I do, it really is nice to have a break and dance to the sound of the music.  This next poem is all about that – go on have some fun!!

Dancing in your Shoes

Sometimes you have, to let fun in

Life without it, can be a little bit dim

Feel the excitement, enjoy it for a while

Let you hair down and your face it will smile

Jump to the music, just let go

Treasure the moment, let fun flow

My head’s in a spin, this feels so good

Embrace the happiness, within your mood

Now is the time, to banish all blues

Have a wonderful day, dancing in your shoes

poemsbyclarabelle, 29 April 2012

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10 thoughts on “Dancing in Your Shoes

  1. dance until you drop let night move and sway
    let feet do the tapping and with the rhythm today

    twist around and wow the crowd
    swing from the hips and have a passionate kiss

    twist and turn let the calories burn
    its all about haveing a good night out

    and letting hair down and forgetting the stressful days
    enjoying the night and smiling away

    dancing to groove getting in the mood
    partying to the latest groove

    dancing the night away.


      1. Thank you Dear Kevin, we certainly will, your poetry is really great, never doubt that one. Have a lovely day full of beautiful poetic verses. Clarabelle


  2. Nice poem.

    I agree that sometimes writers and poets need to take a step back relax. And although you feel nasty for not working, it’s beneficial to give yourself time off.


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