When the Universe is Calling

Be patient…..sometimes the answer is right where you are.  This lesson I have learned today, some decisions and choices are not to be rushed, they need some gentle time to simmer before the right answer comes to boil.  Trust yourself, trust the universe and have faith in your inner guidance. . . . then lead the way.  This next poem is inspired by just that, I hope you resonate with it in some way.

When the Universe is Calling

When the universe is calling, listen with care

Be patient with decisions, before you go there

Channel your energies, in the right direction for you

If you get off track, you’ll soon know what to do

Time is of the essence, but don’t rush the choice

Options are plenty, hear your inner voice

It may take many months, to turn hope around

Never give up faith, are the echoes of my sound

The journey you’re on, will have its ups and downs

Between big city lights, or small village towns

The mind is where it’s at, remember that for sure

The soul does not need to travel, to get that guided tour

The answers are within, the question knocks on the door

Keep your integrity, authenticity will give you more

The lessons are in life, sometimes in the waiting game

Take your foot of the accelerator and ignite your internal flame

poemsbyclarabelle, 13 May 2012

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