Discover a New Path

What are YOU waiting for?  What can you influence in your life?  I encourage you today to have a pro-active mind, to take control of your destiny and make things happen for you. Go on, you know you can do it. . . . . open the door to life.  Wishing you a beautiful day full of magical moments and pro-activity.

Discover a New Path

Time after time lessons come, and lessons go

Let life in, this is your show

The waiting game, slows down the clock

Open the door, don’t wait for the knock

A pro-active mind, is prepared for the now

Planning ahead, will answer the how

Discover a new path, to travel on

Where dreams of hope, are never gone

Explore, take charge and do what needs done

Put yourself out there and the rest will come

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 23 May 2012

10 thoughts on “Discover a New Path

      1. Hello Claire sorry i ahevnt wrriten a poetry comments ive been hectic i have some interesting news to tell you .regarding my last poem i wrote keep up your beautiful words and keep giving us lovely poetry to read.


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