Creative Talent

I am so grateful to have come across so many talented individuals through writing this blog, the creative mind is simply amazing and when it is set free, nothing is impossible. This next poem is for all you creative, talented individuals out there, please continue to share your stunning work with others . . . unleash your potential, keep the creativity coming and believe you truly are a genius in this world.  We are all creative beings, wishing you a wonderful day full of ‘creative flow’, abundant imagination and dream-catching moments

Creative Talent

Creative talent, will always shine through

It’s in your blood, in all that you do

It comes from your heart, when your soul is on fire

Uplifting your spirit, growing burning desire

When you are in ‘flow’, all feels true

Bright as the sun, above deep oceans of blue

Treasures of hope, escape and uncover

The magical mind, that’s open to discover

Focus is on point, the brain is engaged

Free from the world, nothing feels caged

The strongest connection, to the inner self

Unleash your potential, display your talents on the shelf

 poemsbyclarabelle, 30 May 2012

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4 thoughts on “Creative Talent

  1. Very beautiful Claire and very positive your poems the way you write is very similar to how i write thats why I think we have a lot in common with our work keep it up from kevin .


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