Miracle to Life

My very good friend Dagmar, recommended a book to me, ‘Stairways to Heaven’ by Lorna Byrne.  I am finding it a fascinating read and indeed rather quite soul-searching. After finishing one of the chapters, I was inspired to write this next poem.  It is about overcoming adversity, having a reason inside you to live and embracing life with everything you’ve got.  It’s your life, go get it!!

Miracle to Life

As the angel holds my soul

The brightest diamond, comes out of coal

Sparkling like stars, glistening forever

Floating in the air, flowing like a river

The staircase is calling, I see the light

The sun would not change, this darkest night

But somewhere from within, the heart beats stronger

Vibrating positive energy, sadness no longer

The tears turn to laughter, the mind is brave

I climb over rocks and come out of my cave

Such a beautiful scene, golden birds in flight

The freshest breeze, body relaxed not tight

To have a reason to live and try again

Is your miracle to life, free from pain

poemsbyclarabelle, 3 June 2012

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