Just You Wait and See

I had a wonderful meeting yesterday with friends (thank you Dagmar & Agnes) and we had some fascinating discussions on the subject of personal development.  One of the topics was around the difference between positive thinking versus positive belief and it really was an enlightening moment for me.  I am all for positive thinking, however, having positive belief just takes it all to a much deeper level.  I am thankfully blessed with an amazing abundance of positive belief in myself and it is that belief that will help me to turn my dreams into reality – add in relentless focus and the determination to succeed, what a successful combination.  This next poem is inspired by just that, keep your creativity flowing because you are magical in every way.  Love Clarabelle

Just You Wait and See

 Express yourself, through a poem or song

Let the boat sail out, to where you belong

The ocean is deep, so blue and vast

The magic is awaiting, life moves fast

To walk on water, seems a mystical dream

To change the world, is a possible theme

Positive thinking might keep you upbeat

But positive belief, gives no room for defeat

Be kind, be loving, be all you can be

It’s all within easy reach, just you wait and see

poemsbyclarabelle, 28 June 2012

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8 thoughts on “Just You Wait and See

  1. Love the poem. What an enlightening thought on the difference between a thought and a belief. I am gathering you mean that the positive ‘belief’ is an underlying drive within yourself which underpins your determination (‘I WILL succeed’); whereas the positive thoughts are more of a day-to-day attitude (I will make the best of what today brings). Is that correct?


    1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for your comments. Yes, from my experience, positive thinking isn’t enough, it only scratches the surface, however, having positive belief in yourself goes much deeper than that, for me it is just knowing that you can and WILL do it – it then for me leads to inner strength and focus to just go for it. It’s having such a strong faith in your own abilities and that fully believing that what you set out to achieve will absolutely 100% happen for you. I hope I have helped to explain that a little better. Thank you so much for your questions. Loving your comments. Clarabelle


      1. Yes it makes sense. i know what you mean. Sometimes i start out thinking very positively and yet as the day unfolds it all falls apart. that does not happen when I am stuck right into a project that i believe in and focus on the end with belief in myself that i can get there. You have the ability to be able to put all that in words and in your poem. Thanka


      2. Thank you Elizabeth, yes you are so right and that is a great example, thank you for sharing it. I really do hope people who come across our work benefit, that’s one of my ultimate aims is to make a positive difference to as many people as possible. Have a wonderful evening. Lots of love Clarabelle


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