Life Energy

I went to visit one of my clients yesterday and he had this book on his desk called ‘Your Body Doesn’t Lie’ by John Diamond, M.D.  I asked him about the book and he kindly gave it to me to read – I have just finished the book this evening and I want to share with you a little of what it says about the positive effects of reading poetry in relation to your inner wellbeing.  One of the techniques it shares for increasing your Life Energy is to recite a verse or two of poetry or look at a landscape painting. So all you poets, poetry fans, artists and photographers out there have another wonderful reason to create and share your amazing talents with the world.  This next poem is for you, I hope it increases your Life Energy by reading it.

Life Energy

Having life energy, makes you smile

It uplifts your spirit, for more than a while

By reciting poetry, you go from low to high

Or looking at landscapes, beneath the bluest sky

So all you poets, and photographers too

Keep on creating, because your fans love you

You benefit them, in every way

By raising their Life Energy, so they can play

poemsbyclarabelle, 5 July 2012


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