This was my first poem posted here on this blog in April this year, now that I have many more blog followers I thought I would reblog some of my favourite postings.  I hope you enjoy.  Have a beautifully inspired day.  Lots of love Clarabelle



I was inspired to write the following poem after spending some time with a new friend in my life, his spirit was very refreshing and his soul was very honest and true.  I sensed he was coming from a good place and it was that real connection with him that led me to write ‘Superhero’.


Here comes the superhero into the night

Flying around, so wonderful and bright

There is magic in his eyes, I see he is brave

A courageous manner, towards all he will save

His strength is not obvious, it comes from within

A growing heart, that’s looking for its twin

Softly spoken, comes out these wise words

Turning my mind, like humming birds

Shall I ask him the question, that I want to know

How he picks up my spirits, when I’m feeling low

There is a connection, that the eyes cannot see


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