My Dancing Mind

Nourish your brain, learn more about what interests you, it’s amazing what you can find out.  Another book I have recently finished reading is entitled, ‘Your Brain at Work’, by Dr David Rock. I have a very keen interest in learning more about neuroscience and neuroleadership so this book was a perfect match for that.  Some of the learning from this book is captured in my poem below.  Wishing you a dopamine filled day!! (Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain when we are connected to feeling interested in something and it is important for learning),

My Dancing Mind

I’ve just read a book,about the brain

I found it fascinating, great learning I did gain

It has helped me to understand, my dancing mind

Billions of connections, make you one of a kind

To increase focus, and gather insights

Use mindfulness in the moment, it will turn on the lights

Embrace the SCARF model, focus on toward

Move away from the threats and you’ll get the reward

poemsbyclarabelle, 5 August 2012

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4 thoughts on “My Dancing Mind

  1. Hi Clarabelle,
    Interesting post. Reminds us to continue to exercise our brains,
    lest we atrophy! We are also made of atoms. Hence, the movement of ‘electrons’
    in our brains presupposes that there indeed is a neurological connection which
    is important to optimize functioning of our mental (and physical) activities.
    Let our minds continue to dance.


    1. Hi Chito, thank you for your comments and I am really glad you liked the post. Yes, exactly, let our minds continue to dance in the moment….I hear the music calling!! 🙂 Love Clarabelle


    1. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it. I also followed your blog tonight, I love what you express and I feel I make a real connection to it. Thank you for writing all that you do. Clarabelle


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