Happiness I Bring

Sometimes when I am in ‘creative thinking’ mode, it is like being in a mesmerized state of mind, where all the dots seem to connect perfectly.  It’s like being lost in my imagination and the rhythm feels just right – hard to explain really.  I distinctively remember creating the poem below, even though, in that moment, I had shut off from the world.  I was in that hypnotic happy state – it was pure escapism for me at the time as I was really unhappy in my job.  This is another poem from the year 1996, which I have now categorised as, ‘Out of my head and into the archives’.  In this fast world, may your day be filled with truth, love and serenity.  Clarabelle


Happiness I Bring

Faster and faster, the world goes by,

Moving unnoticed, until you stop and think, why?

I look up to the clouds, shades of dull white,

Overlapping with each other, in slow motion, at height.

Afar in the distance, images are faint,

A mixture of shapes, and colours I paint.

Reflections on windows, the opposite way round,

Birds swifting by, some silently sound.

Reality sometimes, feels such a beautiful thing,

It this moment now, happiness I bring.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created in 1996

7 thoughts on “Happiness I Bring

    1. Dear Sally, thank you for following my blog and for liking my poem, “Happiness I bring”, I really do appreciate it, especially the reblog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have a wonderful day. Clarabelle


      1. Your very welcome, Clarabelle. I am a writer too, and I know that I love for people to enjoy my stuff to. God bless you, Sally


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