Self Love Prayer

After I finished reading the book, The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra, I created the following ‘self love prayer’ from the teachings within this book.  I share this prayer with you today.  May your activities today ignite your spirit and fill your soul.  Love Clarabelle.

self love prayer

Self Love Prayer

Dear God, I love you.

Thank you for giving me the gift of spirit and self love.

I pray that today brings me closer to thyself, my inner being.

I pray that my heart remains whole, true and abundant with love.

Let my actions of today uplift my soul and open my spirit,

Allowing me to freely share my love with all of life’s energies.


poemsbyclarabelle, Prayer created on 1 August 2012

5 thoughts on “Self Love Prayer

  1. Awesome poem Clarabelle. I’m going to share with my karate club facebook group because I believe the most important thing for our happiness and well being is that we feel good about ourselves. Awesome! 🙂


    1. Hi Fred, thank you so much for your comments, I am glad you like the self love prayer, I hope everyone likes it at your karate club facebook group, you are very good for sharing these things with them. Kindest, Clarabelle


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