Happiness is. . . .

What does happiness mean to you?  I have tried to capture in this next poem, some of what it means for me.  The sweet simple things in life are there to be enjoyed, I wish you a very happy day.

Happiness is . . . 

Love for another

My sister and brother

Tea with my mother


Reading a book

People watching, is a hook

Midnight stars, worth a look


Holding hands

Marching bands

Walking on sands


Swimming in the sea

Feeling free

You and Me


Sun in the sky

Imagination high

Kites that fly


The falling snow

Having faith, to know

Creative flow


A poetic note

An inspirational quote

Sailing on a boat


Dancing on the shore

Connected to your core

Happiness is all that and more

poemsbyclarabelle, 12 May 2012

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