My Brooklyn Bridge King

When I see stunning photographs or paintings of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, it takes my imagination to different heights.  A feeling of magic, mystique, romance, energy, vibrancy, connection and love all rolled into one, comes over me.  I will soon be back there, living the dream and embracing the most perfect moment…..I see it, I feel it, I believe it.  Today, let your imagination soar into the clouds and see yourself in that place you want to be.  Have a beautiful day, love Clarabelle.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

My Brooklyn Bridge King

Oh Brooklyn Bridge, how I love thee,

So strong and robust, above the sea.

You light up my soul, in the darkest night,

Like a powerful beacon, a shining knight.

You stretch my imagination, and unite lonely hearts,

A gentle giant and protector, in all of your parts.

Carry me over, let my spirit sing,

Dance with me forever, my Brooklyn Bridge King.

poemsbyclarabelle, 31 August 2012

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