After the Storm

We have all been through very tough times in life and I also have had my fair share.  In the midst of these struggles it can be very suffocating at times but it is at these stressful moments in our life, when even though we don’t see it, our broken wings are being supported and helped by others, until we are ready to fly again.  It can take time to fully heal, but during this time there are many blessings and many lessons and you will always come out stronger in the end and you will fly even higher than your imagination can take you.  This next poem is inspired by just that and maybe just maybe this poem is meant for YOU to read today.  Stay strong and believe this temporary situation will soon be over, love Clarabelle.

After the storm

After the Storm

After the storm, I was shipwrecked at sea,

But paradise appeared, and I saved me.

You’re never alone, at the toughest of times,

Many hearts surround you, releasing magical chimes.

This angelic sound, is not heard through your ears,

It’s a waterfall of love, expressed in your tears.

Close your eyes now, breathe in the light,

A blank canvas of thought, will help you sleep better tonight.

poemsbyclarabelle, 4 October 2012

8 thoughts on “After the Storm

    1. I am so so touched by your comments, thank you so much, I really really do appreciate your comments and your full support, thank you, thank you, thank YOU. Clarabelle 🙂


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