The New Year Ahead

I always get excited when we enter into a new year, I think of new beginnings, regained focus, strong desire, new goal setting, new relationships and continuous abundance. I wish for you an inspiring new year that moves you closer towards your dreams and ambitions…….always.  May I also recommend you creating your own Vision Wall to help you along the way, please go to my Vision Wall page on this blog for specific details of the process and benefits to you of this.  This next poem is inspired by the New year ahead.  Go on, make it happen for yourself and be the best that you can be.  Lots of love Clarabelle.

the new year ahead
The New Year Ahead

The New Year Ahead

My eyes are open, I’m awake in bed;

I think of my goals, for the new year ahead.

What will I do?  What will I become?

The sound of my soul, beats heavy on the drum.

My inner voice is calling, out to me;

Let this New year be your BEST, believe and see.

Set your ambitions, as high as a kite;

May there be peace in your mind, like a dove in full flight.

Focus on your vision, reach for the top;

The climb might be tough, with a fearful drop.

But challenges give you strength, to carry on;

Live for today, because yesterday has gone.

Turn your hope, into faith and knowing;

Baby steps towards your future, soon you’ll be growing.

Humble is the heart, that speaks out to you;

Whispers of wisdom, shining through.

Look out the window, aim for the light;

Burning desires, glow through the night.

A new you, a new me, a new life and choices;

Abundance feels good, created from our inner voices.

The horizon is filled with hope, and love for all;

An attitude of gratitude, picks you up from the fall.

The rainbow is colourful, it brings a spiritual cure;

Sweet miracles in this moment, angelic and pure.

poemsbyclarabelle, 26 December 2012

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