Poetry the New Therapy

I subscribe to Psychologies Magazine (UK) and I was pleasantly surprised and excited to read their 4 page article on “The Healing Power of Poetry” in their February 2013 edition.  

psychologies magazine
psychologies magazine Feb 2013 Edition ‘Poetry the New Therapy’

You see, I have always felt that self-expression through my own poetry writing has been very meaningful and therapeutic for me and it was wonderful to read some real evidence of this happening in the real world, and yes people actually give poetry therapy sessions as part of their business.  

I feel that my own blog here “Poems by Clarabelle” is somewhat along the same lines, I have received some wonderful messages from my blog followers who have made a real connection with my poetry in a positive way in their life.  To hear this is so gratifying because I have always tried in some way through my own poetry writings to inspire, encourage, motivate, empower, mentor, coach and softly guide others through my own poetry reflections and life experiences.  

The Psychologies article by Claire Longrigg states “Poetry can transform our lives, lift our mood, and be a powerful tool for self-development” and I really do truly believe this.  The article shares some poems that can help an individual who is suffering from joylessness, fearfulness, feeling stuck and loneliness…..just have a quick look at the categories on the right side of this blog and I am sure there will be something there for you or for someone you know.  

I know there are alot of talented bloggers, creative writers and poets out there and I thought it would be good to share this new found information with you.  

Onwards and upwards dear fellow bloggers, I have always believed “imagination is the highest kite one can fly”….I hope you will fly yours today!!  Lots of love Clarabelle

Related link:  http://www.psychologies.co.uk/magazine

11 thoughts on “Poetry the New Therapy

  1. You’re welcome. It is always good to know how people find us. It just came to mind, I think it reflects the current society. Not as many people read books, but reading a few quotes or poetry that is short is more manageable for people.

    Thank you for your feedback. And thanks for joining: D.


      1. Yours was the first one that I clicked on google.co.uk.

        And I must say that I was also surprised to see poetry mentioned.

        Quotes have become popular these days and poetry is like a quote. It is easy to read and it can have a massive impact; a bit like a shot of alcohol instead of a glass.


      2. Hi Oliver, thanks for sharing that with me. I must say I do love your take on the poetry side of things, it absolutely is like a shot….just gives the right kick where it’s needed :-)) Thank you again. I had a look at one of your blogs, loving what you write, I’m going to subscribe to your newsletter too. Clarabelle


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