The Key to Change

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You are…….

You are amazing, unique and very special indeed, there is no one else exactly like you. You have the capacity to achieve all that you have ever dreamed of, I want you to visualise that now, see yourself in that place of abundance, love and lots of beautiful laughter. Yesterday is now a distant a memory, tomorrow is not here yet, embrace today, welcome the NOW with open arms, go out for a walk and let the gentle breeze outside blow away the remaining cobwebs.

Awakening Your Soul

Right now, I want you to take 3 long deep breaths, inhale positivity and exhale worries and stress, give yourself a pat on the shoulder and smile……this is your first step to feeling alive in this moment, awakening your soul and freeing your spirit to the thriving energy of the Universe.

This next poem is for you, I wrote it especially for you, because you are so special to me and you are truly loved in this world, more that you will ever know.  Believe that someone out there right now is thinking of you and holds you very close to their heart.

Have a beautiful day today my friends. Much love to you Clarabelle.

The Key to Change

Stop, think, listen so deep,

The key to change, is for you to keep.

The combination is simple, think out of the box,

Discover the opportunity, under the rocks.

At the centre of the cave, a heart beats strong,

A musical drum, dancing to the song.

A mystical moment, so special and rare,

The magic is within you, uncover and share.

poemsbyclarabelle, 21 March 2013

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