Divine Harmony

Divine Harmony by Clarabelle
Divine Harmony by Clarabelle


I am a great believer that creativity and imagination are two of the key components to a happy and  fulfilling life and when you combine this with truth, love, passion, inspiration and connectedness you get something that is really “explosive”, internally and externally.  I am sure we have all experienced our dancing minds playing a “tug-of-war” with our heart-strings – lately I have been letting my heart win and my inner spirit is running joyously free.

Creative Mode

Moving out of competitive mode and into creative mode has lifted my being to another level and I feel truly liberated.  This transition has led me to create the beginnings of my first ever music album, entitled “Divine Harmony”, a compilation of inspirational music that talks to your soul, sings to your heart and connects with your mind in a magnetic manner.  I have now produced 8 musical tracks so far, let me tell you a little bit about each one:

Track 1:  “Running Free” – This musical piece tells the story of “returning to your soul”, it takes you through a journey of life experiences that have went from deep sadness and loss to letting go, breaking free and arriving at who you really are.  It is ultimately upbeat and uplifting.

Track 2:  “Hearts Apart” – I wrote this musical piece based on some recent news that my Sister, Brother-in-Law, Nephew and Nieces are all emigrating to Mississippi next month.  This musical compilation tells of the heart-warming story of my deep love for them as they travel on their own journey of happiness and adventure.

Track 3:  “Moving On” – This creative piece is ultimately about love – being, doing and having love.  It is about letting go of past loves and opening your heart to new loves now and in the future.  It is a very moving and touching musical story and I had someone special in mind when writing this musical piece.

Track 4:  “Inspiring Hearts” – This track is a part of who I am, it shares the story of my passion and desire to inspire hearts all over the world.  The music aims to connect with ones soul and deeply move them in an inspirational and motivational way.

Track 5:  “Flight of the Blue Butterfly” – This musical composition tells the story of the stages of healing towards ultimate freedom of heart, soul, mind and spirit.  The blue butterfly is very significant for me and you can see it pictured as part of my Clarabelle logo.   This harmonious musical piece aims to move you in a peaceful and spiritual way.

Track 6:  “Happiness Now” – This track is a musical compilation of what it sounds like to me to experience happiness in each and every moment.  It will help you to open up your heart to the whispers of your soul and see and feel the beauty in each precious moment of life.  Beauty is all around us and this track is a unique representation of that.

Track 7:  “Coming Home” – This musical piece tells the story of my self-journey to being at one with oneself.  It shares the realisation that the answers were always there, from within.    It is a musical expression of who I am and all I ever need to be.  In this artistic creation, “I have arrived”.

Track 8:  “I Am” – This track is a musical celebration of the soul, the artistic expression of knowing that I always knew and trusting the feelings from within.  It is an uplifting and moving musical piece that will surely touch your inner being.

Clarabelle “Divine Harmony”

There will be 13 tracks in total on the album and I aim to have it fully completed by 6 May 2013.  The album will be registered and uploaded to iTunes for immediate purchase.  I will also have it available to purchase in CD format.  Purchase price is £5.00.

If you would like to pre-order a copy of this inspirational masterpiece by Clarabelle, please note your interest below in the comments section or send me an email to claire@murraypeople.com

I am so excited about sharing the album with you, I have a real belief and faith that it will inspire you on the path to “Divine Harmony“.

Lots of love to you today, tomorrow and always,  Clarabelle.

9 thoughts on “Divine Harmony

  1. I really love the freshness in your writings and I love you also. I remember when I discovered that I had the power within my own consciousness to change my life for the better. That freshness is a constant if we allow it to be. We really do have dominion don’t we. Not subjection. Life is what we make it. We have the omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience within. In Oneness and oneness with each other we have everything.
    Much love Anne xx


    1. Dear Anne, thank you so much for visiting my blog today, I was reading one your blog posts too, where you mention “Divine Harmony”….and I thought WOW, how amazing is that. I love your comments and yes, indeed I do truly believe “Life is what we make it”. Thank you for your comments and I am delighted to be following your blog also.


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