Authentically You

I love this because being true to myself is such an important value to me. Authenticity will bring you everything you have ever hoped for and more. Thank you to Me and the Boss for this wonderful blog post. Clarabelle

Me and the Boss 2013



“This world needs

more people who are

authentically themselves,

to share and love,

to give joy and light

to the darkness,

to help another soul

reach their dreams and goals.


Robin Lello


Who cares what other people think about you.

If you are the nice, honest, hardworking person

that your Higher Power wants you to be, have faith,

people will stand in line to become your friend.

Today, follow your soul, that intuitive feeling,

knowing that the brighter you shine

the better this world will be for all.

Kindness is being the authentic you.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss






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