To Become


I want to share a very beautiful classical piece of music with you today, created by the Italian Composer, Ludovico Einaudi, from his classical album “Divenire” meaning “to become”.  I absolutely love this classical piece, it really does connect deeply with my heart and soul – it simply sounds quite magical to me.  When I listen to this album track, I feel it takes me on a mystical journey into the deepest realms of my imagination, where faith joins hands with dreams and softly dances under the starry skies –  it moves me, it soothes me and it inspires me.  Thank you Ludovico

I encourage you to listen to this wonderful piece of musical art and whilst doing so think about this question:

What does “to become” mean to you?

I believe, that in order for you to have all that you want to have, you have to BE and DO first – in that order:

1.  Be
2.  Do
3.  Have

“To Become” my friend is your answer.

There is a star in your heart and it is twinkling at me, I can’t see it, but I can feel it, you are very special, believe that, become that.

Love Clarabelle

21 thoughts on “To Become

      1. if i can get through suicidal feelings which i havent had before then there is hope i know you and others beleive in my writing same as i do your beautiful words this one is like 5 everests iam going to work for first time tonight to look after 3 learning disabilities my bosses are aware how bad iam time will tell just hope i can climb it its steep one thanks clarabelle your support and kindness i never forget


      2. Thanks Clarabelle i had one session of councilling and did a night back in work iam now writing again its week now and iam back fighting and moving forward thanks for your kindness i wont forget it .iam moving out of here soon then shes moving back in two many things around me at moment so soon as iam out then i will be sailing on lifes journey again.


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