Daily Inspiration – Be Yourself

Thank you Simple Tom for this blog post, “Your calling is calling” go for it!! Clarabelle

Simple Tom

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One of the most powerful things you can do is be yourself. Is to follow your heart and to stay on purpose in your life. 
Thats honestly when EVERYTHING starts to “flow” in your life is when you live in purpose.
But I know this is easier said that done. Thats why I made this short video for you.
Because in todays world – being different, unique, and your own person is really suppressed. Look at all the messages that were shown that we have to be look a certain way, buy a certain car, and do certain things to be happy. And its bullshit. 
I may be really happy and on an incredible journey right now, but it was always like this…
I was bullied almost all my life growing up.
I was almost always different compared to the people I grew up…

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