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Re-invent Yourself

I met with a wonderfully inspirational man on Sunday afternoon for coffee in Glasgow City Centre, he is a Film Maker and creative writer.  We met for about 2 hours and within that space of time I felt so inspired by his words.  He is a “go-getter”, living his dream, he wakes up every morning feeling excited, he just loves life and you can feel the power of his light shining from within.  He spoke about “Chasing Happiness” and what that meant to him….I was truly blown away!!  There is one other phrase he said that particularly stuck with me and that was “re-invent yourself”…..I loved that, because in my mind it opens up a whole new world and “I am”.  This next poem is inspired by that meeting, I do hope you are inspired by it too, love Clarabelle.

Chasing Happiness

Chasing happiness, What does it mean?

A fulfilling life, living the dream.

Waking up excited, every day,

Smiling in each moment, happiness is the way.

It all starts with you, and what you believe,

Baby steps together, will help you achieve.

No goal is too big, no challenge to high,

Chasing happiness forever, go beyond the sky.

poemsbyclarabelle, 23 April 2013

7 thoughts on “Chasing Happiness

  1. Wonderful ideas, Claire, and well written. Being stuck in everyday, boring humdrum is no fun and being complacent is no way to escape it (that’s just laziness). Make changes and going forward is much more exciting.


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