I Don’t Love You Anymore


Inner Transformation

There, I said it, I shared it….”I don’t love you anymore”.  I don’t feel the way I used to feel about you, it isn’t a bad thing or a bitter statement, actually, it is a very positive statement and it is the realisation of an inner transformation in me.  I feel no attachment to the past anymore, I feel no emotion when I think of you, just that I wish you very well and that I thank you for teaching me so many lessons about myself, helping me to understand my deepest thoughts and my inner struggles, at times.  I am very happy that I met you all those years ago, for at that time, we had a very special connection and I believe we were meant to meet for the purpose of inspiring each other in the magic of love and trusting each other in the process.  

Super Focused

I am focused now, super focused on the now and the future…..never our past, for that was many yesterdays ago and the best love is yet to come for us both.  No longer do I dream of us together, dancing under the stars and laughing until the some comes up…..that vision for me has gone now, I don’t feel sad, I feel free and I feel happy.  This next poem is inspired by that experience and as I end the chapter of this book, I look forward to creating the magical story of the future chapters.  Thank you my friend for everything and more, Clarabelle.

A New Love Story

Caught up in the moment, city lights bright,

Happiness in my heart, let’s meet up tonight.

Energy is high, love takes our breath away,

You can see my soul, you can hear it pray.

As quick as it came, quicker it went,

You had moved on, my love was spent.

And in the heat of the moment, I held on so tight,

You let go of my love, I never gave up the fight.

And as time went by, you were in my thoughts,

Will he get in touch? My stomach in knots.

Now I have healed, the power is in me,

I’ve transformed inside, I now feel free.

May your heart touch another, I wish you well,

This chapter is now closed, a new love story to tell.

poemsbyclarabelle, 25 April 2013

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13 thoughts on “I Don’t Love You Anymore

  1. Too emotional, profound and heart taking poem… I really loved it and those who are struggling in their love life must read this poem not to get more emotional but to know how to live in present moments and never hold something which never loved you. I believe, we must love the one who loves us not whom we love. Clarabelle thank you very much for sharing the experience. Love you always. 🙂


  2. Is this your story of a lost love?
    If this is your own inner transformation then i wish you well, as it takes a long time and a lot of courage to say good-bye to the inner part of you that keeps on loving even when the other person has long gone. I wish you well, and fantastic poem.


      1. Thanks for sharing your story. I feel a real connection with you on this. It is great that this blogging avenue exists and we can ‘talk’ to others in similar circumstances.
        You have really moved on and seem to me now confidant and self-assured. You are truly inspirational.
        all the best


      2. Hi Elizabeth, thank you. Yes, you are right I have really moved on, I feel my own self development has helped me to do that. I have always felt really confident and self-assured and even more so now that I have moved on……the best is yet to come Elizabeth, the best is yet to come!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing all that you share with me.


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