How Did I Get Here?


How Did I Get Here?

I feel light today, free from unnecessary pressures and unwanted stress.  I feel at one with myself, I feel like I am floating in the goodness of the Universe.   I feel as light as the air I breathe in, I feel calmness and full of gratitude.  How did I get here, to this magical place, to this beautiful feeling of oneness and wellbeing?  I do believe I unlocked my heart, let go of the ego and brought myself back to me.  It has taken a while, almost 40 years but I got there, not in the end but in the beginning, for I have arrived, once again!!  This next poem poured out of my soul this morning, may it bring you a touch of what you need in your life right now.  Lots of love Clarabelle


My heart moves, slowly towards the light;

Into the unknown, it’s shining bright.

Destiny decided, this is where you’ll be;

A dance step forward, I’m feeling free.

I take pleasure in this ride, it just feels right;

My soul is blessed, beneath the stars and moonlight.

I thank you Universe, you’ve did me good;

My spirits are high, I have deep gratitude.

To enter the unknown, and all its mystery

Keeps me alive in this moment, without the history.

So I treasure this day, the time is NOW;

Sunsets and butterflies, make me feel WOW!!

poemsbyclarabelle, 25 May 2013

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