Question of the Month – June 2013


Welcome to this month’s question.   Every month I ask you a question to reflect upon and answer for yourself, I also share my own answer with you.

I have just returned from a lovely and fun filled holiday with 9 of my childhood friends, it was a bachelorette (hen) party holiday for my wonderful friend Michelle who gets married in 2 weeks time.

Whilst there I came across this wonderful little cafe called ‘Passion for Life’, I love it because its menu is full of organic, healthy, natural wholefoods and I fell in love with their ‘After Eight’ healthy protein shake…..yummy.  The cafe was such a lovely environment to sit in, because it has little inspirational pictures and photographs displayed on its walls.  The reason I am sharing this is because it has a “Question of the Day Chalk Board” and I took a photograph of the board so I could use their question to share with you today.

Question:  “When was the last time, you did something for the first time?”

Question of the day
Question of the Day

My answer:  Lately I have being doing a lot of things for the first time so I will share with you  one of the things I did this morning for the first time.  I am really big on gratitude at the moment, I am so very grateful for everything I have in my life right now, I really am.  I have just started reading the book, “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne, I love this book because it helps you to deliberately focus on what you are truly grateful for each day and night. Today, for this first time, I did practical exercise for day 1, which was to, “count my blessings”, I had to write down 10 of them and the reason why, honestly it felt so good to do this.

I will leave you with that Question for the month of June and maybe you will also want to count your blessings too, it really will make you feel so good.

Thank you for reading my posts, I really do treasure you being here, I have been reflecting a lot whilst being away on holiday and I have some truly amazing posts to follow very soon.

Much love to you today as always and thank you from the core of my heart, Clarabelle.

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4 thoughts on “Question of the Month – June 2013

  1. Hi Clarabelle.
    Thank you for your post today, it actually got me thinking…and reminded me that I need to start doing something for the first time this month too.. it also made me want to share with you a post that I had written during a time when I really needed to see things clearly after a harsh start of the year, which also led me to start blogging as my voice didn’t seem to be getting heard obviously by so many indifferent people. I started my blog in Feb 2012 for the first time and it has become my space, my haven, my freedom and my ultimate passion.
    Please do take a look at my post
    I dedicated it to Angela Donovan author of the book “The Wish” that I read as it was a fascinating encounter with her, it sort of reminded me of the other books that Rhonda Byrne wrote, now that you have mentioned her in your post. However “The Wish” has a different twist, probably you would want to read it after you have finished the book at hand.

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    1. Thank you Nadine for your comments, I really do appreciate it. I will certainly check out the book ‘The Wish’, sounds like a book I will really love. Also I am going to check out your blog post now, thank you for sharing that, I really look forward to reading it. Clarabelle


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