Take on the Impossible!!

A little bit of inspiration goes a long long way.  I came across this YouTube video a few weeks back, you may already have seen it but I feel I just had to share it on here, it is very empowering indeed.  Arthur in the video is such a true inspiration to each and everyone of us, may his story inspire you to take on what others see as the “impossible”.

Much love to you in this very moment, we all need a little bit of love to come our way, Clarabelle.

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7 thoughts on “Take on the Impossible!!

  1. As a Yoga teacher myself I know the transforming power of yoga within the heart, emotions, mind and therefore also the body. It was so good to see that transformation taking place and enabling that courageous man to find his own inner strength and power and see that translating also into his physical presence. We are indeed more powerful than we know! Elspeth


    1. Hi Elspeth, thank you for your comments, yes indeed we all very powerful indeed. I was so inspired by this video I am going to take up yoga, I know I will most definitely benefit from it. Thank you for dropping by the blog today, I really appreciate it. 🙂


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