The Zig Zag Way of Life


Sometimes when I am out running it feels like a kind of meditation, it really does, I feel I can really get to the core of my own wisdom and truth about life.  Today, when I was out running I was thinking about this:

“In my experience, life goals are rarely achieved by only going in a straight line, because the experience of life is not straight, it is much more fluid and free-flowing than that.  Sometimes in life we have to embrace the challenge of not always stepping forwards or even backwards for that matter, in a straight line.  Sometimes we have to take zig-zag steps to the left and to the right, to truly experience and embrace life for what it really is.  I believe that , life is not a straight line…..on your journey today, think about taking “The Zig-Zag Way of Life“.

Much love to you today, I’m zig-zagging all the way to my goals,  Clarabelle 🙂

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18 thoughts on “The Zig Zag Way of Life

  1. Yes! We have to go through the good bits and the bad bits to collectively get better at living everyday life.. If we were never challenged, we would never grow! Zig Zag – great way of describing the process.

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  2. Clarabelle you have took my words.. Life is never a straight line. I wrote one post on this earlier. Life is not a linear line. I loved your line “The Zig-Zag Way of Life“. And these zig zag teaches us a lot. Races are never won on linear tracks, the more zig zag it is, the more we enjoy driving and winner on such zig zag tracks are remembered for life. Ex. Michael Schumacher is a legend. The same way goes for life. I am learning a lot from you my beautiful friend. Love you always. Thanks 🙂

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  3. No doubt this insight has great value. Life is rarely “how the row flies,” is it. The important thing is to stay on the path to improvement, no matter how many zig-zags there are.

    Take care,

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