July – Question of the Month


Welcome to the first day of July.  At the beginning of each month I give you a question to ponder and answer for yourself, I also share my own answer with you.  Below is July’s question for you:


What one thing could you do today, that would make a positive difference to your life right now?

My Answer:

I know that when I pray for myself and for others it always makes me feel better and I do feel that my prayers are always answered.  Before I say my prayers I say “Thank you” for listening and at the end of my prayers I say “Thank you” for answering my prayers.  So this month I will start and end each day with a prayer to help me and others stay strong, focused and committed on the journey of our life purpose.  What is my life purpose?   Well it would take a long time for me to answer that one, but let’s just say that this blog is definitely a massive part of that.

Thank you for dropping by today and I hope this question helps you to think about what you need/want to do in your life to make positive changes happen for you.

Much love to you today, Clarabelle

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12 thoughts on “July – Question of the Month

  1. I would take “ACTION of my dreams” for a positive change. Question arises how my action will make a positive difference to the society? The answer is, with my actions I would start my plans which will spread smiles, happiness and love across the society which I feel has been missing. Leaders have already changed the world, now its time to inject love in to it. I regularly pray to god that please force me to take actions of my dreams so that I can evolve positive reactions nearby proximities. Thanks Clarabelle for raising this wonderful question. I loved it. 🙂


  2. As I get older I feel the purpose of praying has changed for me, and I no longer ask for things, not for myself anyway. I give thanks for all my friends and family and if anyone is needing strength, I ask God to send it on. Generally as I get older, I feel more grateful and at ease. Do others find this?


    1. Hi David, thank you so much for your comments, gratitude is such a beautiful thing, I truly believe that. I am so grateful everyday. Thank you for dropping by the blog today, I really appreciate it. Clarabelle 🙂


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