Beautiful Dreams…..


Below is a photograph of one of my most favourite places to visit.  This is “The Shrine” at the Schoenstatt Retreat and Pilgrimage Centre in Lennoxtown, Scotland (  It is less than one hour’s drive from my hometown of Motherwell and I really do feel so blessed to be alive when I visit this stunning place, the setting is so beautiful and tranquil.

“The Shrine”

When I visit, I always make a point of going into “The Shrine” where I light some candles and say some prayers.  They also have, what I call, a prayer box, where you write down what you hope and pray for on a piece of paper, also sharing what you will do in return for your prayers being answered and then you place your folded up note in a large urn at the altar of The Shrine.  I always connect what is in my heart and soul to the lighting of my candles and the completion of the notes.  This is such a beautiful and spiritual process for me, I love it so much.

Inner Peace

I do hope that you get the opportunity one day to visit this beautiful place, hidden amongst the tranquility of nature, where you will leave with the most calming sense of inner peace living and breathing inside of you.

Clarabelle Quotes, Beautiful Dreams Amongst Nature
Photo by Clarabelle of “The Shrine” at Schoenstatt, 12.10.13

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreams…..

  1. Clarabelle – The Shrine speaks of calm, spirituality, a place where we can find the peace of our inner soul. I’ve just added it as a must place to visit on my travel log. I love the idea of placing a request in the ‘prayer jar’ as such and then your own possible solution to that request. I’ve never heard of that before and it really rings true to me. Yours was the first blog to spring up when I sat down for an hour or so of blog reading and oh what a treat to behold. Thank you so much.


    1. Dear Sheri, thank you so much for reading this blog post and for your comments, I do hope you can visit “The Shrine” one day if you ever get the chance to visit Scotland. I really to love this place, I feel spiritually connected to it in some way, it is so so so beautiful and holds such a beautiful energy. The prayer urn is such a wonderful idea for intention and prayer requests (I just read that on their website) and I have such faith in it. Thank you again for visiting my blog and commenting. Love Clarabelle


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