November’s Question of the Month

True Beauty

At the beginning of every month I pose a question for you to reflect upon and answer for yourself, I also provide you with my own answer to that question.

This month’s question links to the contents of my new eBook, “It’s All About Gratitude”, coming soon!!  The answers that are posted in the comments section of this blog post will contribute to a section within the eBook and I will also link this blog post to it.  It means that if you do choose to comment, which I would really really love, then your comments will be linked and can be accessed by the readers of the eBook and hopefully they will also visit your own blog, I will certainly encourage them to do that.

So this month’s question relates to “Gratitude“, I bet you guessed that one already!!  🙂


What does the feeling of “Gratitude” feel like to you, i.e. how does “Gratitude” make you feel?

My Answer:

When I am truly grateful for anything I have in life, it makes me feel so wonderful, I feel happy inside, I feel inspired, I feel motivated, I feel energised, I feel at one with myself, I feel I want to help other people, I feel of real value, I feel in harmony and in balance.

Feeling grateful is such a beautiful feeling for me and sometimes words cannot nearly describe what it really feels like.  Feeling grateful makes me feel like I am meant to be here, it connects me to my purpose in life and makes me want to take inspired action.

Gratitude makes my heart smile inside and it touches my soul……it’s a bit like feeling the feelings of love, true love.  When I am grateful I feel connected to a higher purpose, I feel good, I feel loved, I feel so thankful for being alive, right now, in this very moment.

When I feel grateful I want to sing, I want to dance and I want to share my happy feelings with others.

I practice daily gratitude and this is why, because it makes me feel so so so so good.  

I would really really love to know what it feels like for you?   

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8 thoughts on “November’s Question of the Month

  1. My gratitude always starts with life itself, being grateful for the powers in the Universe for my physical existence. From the choice of my parents, siblings and all the people who have come and gone during my life. The feeling is comforting, and humbling — to say the least — and feeds upon itself, growing ever stronger. And I try to make this a habit in my daily life, my point of focus.

    As an aside, I came across this yesterday:

    Great post, Clarabelle.


  2. When I feel gratitude, I feel worthy to be connected to something much larger than myself. Gratitude toward another for giving kindness, toward the universe for the ability to experience the colors of autumn or the taste of salt air, and gratitude toward my dog for licking my cheek upon my return home forces me to stand still, take in, and appreciate a single fleeting moment.

    These gratuitous moments plant seeds to express and create beauty in any way I can. These seeds may sprout as a new combination of words never written before that moment, or as an afternoon exploring trails with my dog. Or, I may simply share a kind word.


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