Very touching and humbling true story……I am full of gratitude to Sri for sharing this post. Thank you, Clarabelle


Image I have always wondered that why we are not satisfied with what we have? what triggers our desire level? whats the result of the desire? Is there any way to control our desire and lead a life in harmony? Yes i do got a teacher to enlighten he was none other than a footwear engineer who’s has his shelter below the sheet metal and working hard for his survival.


It was a week before I was on my way to my home from a temple which is almost 8 Kms from the place of my residence. One such fine morning while returning to base after having some divine revelation from the almighty I happen to notice a man who was sitting under a tamarind tree and was busy with his business, I approached him to get my footwear done, Since my footwear needs bit of servicing I have approached…

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