Guest Post: True Magic

Thank you Jerry Nelson from Journey America for the Guest blog post.


True Magic
Inspire your heart,
Inspire your mind.
Travel the world,
Sweet treasures you’ll find.

Look up to the sky,
Bathe in the sea.

Footprints on the sand,
Destined for me.

Fresh air on my face,
Wind behind my back.

Horizon in the distance,
I’m on the right track.

A mesmerising view,
A friendly warm embrace.

True magic is within me,
I take it to every place.


Created by Clarabelle 18 November 2013 especially for Jerry Nelson’s Journey America Blog

Bio: Clarabelle

By day, Claire Marie Murray is a successful Business Woman, Distinction Accredited Certified Executive Coach, Business Mentor and Professional Human Resources Consultant.

Her business Murray People  has been established since 2008.

Outside of the Murray People Business, she is also known by the name “Clarabelle” where she is involved in other creatively talented work such as blogging, writing poetry, photography and her most

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