A Mince Pie at Christmas


A very warm and cosy welcome to Day 7 of my Christmas Poems leading up to Christmas Day.

Mince Pie at Christmas

I LOVE a wee mince pie at Christmas, funny thing is, when I was a child I never really liked them at all but now I really do.  I could go a Christmas mince pie, right now.  🙂  Enjoy the scrumptious festive food this Christmastime and please don’t worry about overindulging, because it’s not what you eat in between Christmas and New Year that matters, it’s what you eat between New Year and Christmas.  Yummy, Yummy!!

Christmas Mince Pie
A Christmas Mince Pie, Clarabelle enjoyed earlier!!

A Mince Pie at Christmas

A mince pie at Christmas,
Is scrumptious and yummy.
I love this little treat,
and so does my tummy.

You can have it hot,
or fresh and cool.
Whatever way you like it,
it will make your mouth drool.

So grab a cuppa coffee,
sit down and relax,
Enjoy a Christmas mince pie,
fill your taste buds to the max!!

Created by Clarabelle, 6 December 2013

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