Flowers are……

The Birth of a New Year

I hope you celebrated the birth of this new year in style and whatever that is for you I do hope it was very lovely and wonderful.  I was away for a few days with my friend and we had lots of fun, it was really nice to get away.

Beautiful Flowers

Before I went away I bought some beautiful flowers….pink and red roses, I nearly didn’t buy them, because I was going away, but I then thought the flowers are not just for me they are for my beautiful little home.  That was such a lovely decision that I made because when I arrived home yesterday, I was welcomed to their beautiful fresh scent and opening of the roses flowers, it really did make my heart smile inside.

pink and red roses
Clarabelle’s pink and red roses.

Flowers Are….

It reminded me of a quote that my friend sent me this Christmas with my Christmas present of white hanging flowers, on the package she wrote for me “Flowers are the smile of the earth”, how lovely and such a beautiful and touching quote.

Another positive from buying the flowers, when I did, is that it has encouraged me to write this blog post and share it with you……I hope you liked me sharing this story with you.

If, “Flowers are the smile of the earth”, let your heart be the garden for them to grow in.

Lots of love to you today and always,


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