In Time We Heal

Original Song:  In Time We Heal

I received one of the biggest compliments ever recently from my friend.  We were getting the bus down to Manchester City Centre to celebrate the New Year and she told me she really liked one of my original songs, “In Time We Heal”, then, to my wonderful surprise, she started singing it and she knew the words….wow I was so chuffed.  She said to me that she really liked the song and played and sang along to it many many times.  Well, I was blown away with delight, that was such an unexpected thing to hear because I had no idea she listened to my stuff.  Her telling me that really made my day, as a matter of fact it made my whole trip.

Recording Studio

I am really excited because I head to the professional recording studio for the first time on 8th January to record 7 of my original songs for an EP (Extended Play), so soon you will hear them on this blog.  Below is a sample Youtube video of me practising my original song. “In Time We Heal” and also I have attached the Soundcloud link to Gary Stitt singing it – Gary arranged the piano backing track for this song and I think he did an amazing job.

Gary Stitt Sings, In Time We Heal

What is the Song About?

The song “In Time We Heal” is about going through tough times in life but overcoming them in the end and I am sure we can all relate to this.  All my songs are based on my own experiences or experiences of people very close to me, I think that is why people are connecting with them so much.

Listen to the words and stay strong my beautiful friend because indeed, “In Time YOU Will Heal”.

Love Clarabelle

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