Dreams Can Come True

Clarabelle Heart's Apart

Happy Tear

I held it in my hands yesterday and I shed a wee happy tear…….what did I hold?  I held my CD, my EP, Hearts Apart which contains 4 of my original songs.  I feel very proud and emotional at the same time….has it been easy, “No” but it was worth it!!  That feeling I felt yesterday was one of the best feelings ever….the realisation that you can really make your dreams come true if you have a enough passion, faith, heart, self-belief, determination, focus and self-discipline to do so.  Sometimes you have to make real sacrifices to get hold of your dreams and you have to rearrange your life a little bit or a lot in order to get there.  I’ve kept my “eye on the ball” with this one and I’m not letting go now.  Yes there will be more tough challenges ahead, I know this, but I am strong and I am getting stronger everyday.

The Roots

I focused on the roots of this dream, the roots being “me” and my mind.  I took control of my own mind……I didn’t let it waiver and when it tried to, well I had a motivational process in place to deal with that.  Things aren’t perfect for me right now and I’m not really sure they are for anybody in this world but I can honestly say that the very gradual transition from Professional Executive Coach to successful Singer-Songwriter has overall been a happy occasion for me.

So Grateful

“The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best, therefore it tends to become the best.”  (Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich)

I think one thing that has really helped me stay grounded and joyous in the moment, is the daily gratitude I have for everything in my life.  I am honestly so grateful for everything I have……thank YOU love and thank YOU life.  I would also like to say a massive thank you to YOU for being here and joining me on this journey…..I want YOU to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of in life….I want you to be so happy too.

Wishing you a very beautiful day today….go in the direction of your dreams but focus on the roots and the best fruits will grow.  Love Clarabelle.

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