The Clarabelle Show

The Clarabelle Show

Skope Radio

As an aspiring Singer-Songwriter it can be quite difficult to get radio play and I think most people in the music industry might say that – well that’s my perception anyway!!  I have been successful in getting radio play with Skope Radio where they played my original song, “Runaway Love”, for one month, which was really fantastic.  I continue to put my music out there for all to enjoy, which is really great for me.

Electronic Waves Radio

I came across an advertisement a couple of weeks ago for radio hosts for a new internet radio channel called Electronic Waves.  I thought that this would be an amazing opportunity for me to apply for and help other unsigned Singer-Songwriters get their original music out there.  So I applied for the position with my ideas for “The Clarabelle Show” and last night was my one hour radio audition.

I am delighted to say that I got the position as radio host, every Friday at 4pm-6pm (UK time) – so there you have it, “The Clarabelle Radio Show” is born.  Isn’t it amazing how things can happen, just like that!! I am ever so delighted because I can help other unsigned Singer-Songwriters out there to gain exposure.  I am “living” that experience right now, so I can fully appreciate all the hard work, passion and effort that goes into making music.

The Clarabelle Show

I invite YOU to listen in to the first ever Clarabelle Radio Show, this Friday, 11 April 2014 @ 4pm-6pm (UK time) on Electronic Waves – you’d be crazy not to. 🙂

Keep going my friends, keep going and bit by bit you’ll get there.

Love to you, Clarabelle

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