Hold Faith, Love and Glory

It’s breakfast time here in sunny Dubai and the sun is shining strong. Here are some poetic reflections for you.

Hold Faith, Love and Glory

Energy from the sun,
The only one.
Lifting my smile,
Happiness for a while.

People, connections,
Lifetime reflections.
Love in a song,
It’s where I belong.

Good morning sunshine,
I’m happy for you.
Giving me life,
In all that I do.

I’ve missed your heart,
I’ve missed it all.
Once stuck in a box,
Now having a ball.

Family and friends,
Will always be there,
Travelling now,
Soul stripped bare.

The coffee in my cup,
Tells this brave story,
This world is awaiting
Hold faith, love and glory.

Love to you today, Clarabelle


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