Horizon of Happiness

She has desires in her heart and she believes, she absolutely believes that the beauty of her vision is within easy reach. Step by step, bit by bit, moment to moment, she thinks her way to the achievement of her dreams. She looks out to the Horizon of Happiness, she knows what she has to do and she feels deep determination in her soul. She can’t stop till she gets there, she’ll never stop till she gets there and whilst “getting there” she will embrace the joy of the journey as much as she can.

She sees her mind strong, stronger than ever before and she believes in herself. Her actions are powerful, she talks empowering, positive language to herself and she surrounds herself with inspiration.

She stands there alone but with the world in her happy heart. Her piercing blue eyes, as they look out into the horizon, sparkle like the brightest stars…….she knows destiny his her choice.

Make a choice today, decide want you definitely want in life and “do it”.

Lots of love today, Clarabelle


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