What Are You Dying To Do?

I listened to a motivational speech yesterday, where some valuable words of wisdom were shared. It spoke about, “living your life, like you’re dying”, and it made me think about what that would mean for me. I suppose none of us are going to be around forever and I guess if a Doctor said to me today that I was dying, then I know I would immediately change my perceptions on a lot of things. None of us will get out of this life “alive”….right?? So, I guess in our present living, we are somewhat, dying. So now if I apply that thought to my current life, I am thinking, well, there are so many more things that I want to do, that I want to experience, that I want to achieve, so…..I just better get a move on. It is a good reminder, I think for us all, to not take life for granted and to be grateful for all our experiences. I think it is time for you and I to truly live the life we want…….what are you dying to do to?


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