Pick Up Your Soul

A poignant poem to reflect bravery in your soul. This one is especially for you today. Love Clarabelle

Pick Up Your Soul

Pick up your soul,
And carry on.
Lost adventures,
Hope was gone.

But sunny days,
Are here again.
No more sadness,
No more pain.

For now you know,
Your heart was talking.
It whispered from within,
Whilst struggling walking.

It said, “I believe,
In all you are,
You’re a happy spirit,
A shining star”

You listened in fear,
Stepped forward in tears,
For you really believed,
That after all these years.

Times were changing,
The past was the past.
And the present tough times,
They would not last.

So with your head held high,
For all to see,
You picked up your soul,
And carried me.

By Clarabelle

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